How To Sell Your Gift Cards Instantly in Nigeria

How To Sell Your Gift Cards Instantly in Nigeria

Gift-givers have resorted to gift cards to express their feelings for their loved ones. Nigerians are not excluded from the gift card boom, although not to the same extent as other nations. People in Nigeria occasionally get gift cards from loved ones overseas, however, the majority of international gift cards are not redeemable in Nigeria. This is why Nigerians are immediately selling their gift cards.

​​Thanks to gift card exchange websites, selling gift cards for cash is steadily becoming a way to earn passive income in Nigeria. If you’re a newbie to gift card trading, you’re probably wondering how to sell your gift cards in your location. The answer has always been in your possession; you simply may have not realized it yet. But you’re in luck since you discovered this article to assist you to solve these puzzles.

How To Sell Gift Cards Instantly In Nigeria

You have located your reliable gift card trading platform if you are seeking wear to trade your cards. Cardnosh is the platform you’re looking for, and you can use it from the comfort of your home on your phone.

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You can sell your cards on the Cardnosh app for the best rates available. You can also use the rate calculator at any time. Transactions on the platform take barely 5 minutes, and customer service is quick and always available to respond.

Types of Gift Cards

The following are the two main types of gift cards:

  • Open Loop gift cards

Gift cards that are redeemable at physical stores or online retailers that accept the company’s debit cards are known as open-loop gift cards. Gift cards from Visa, Mastercard and AMEX, are good instances. Open-loop gift cards provide an advantage over closed-loop gift cards, which are restricted to just the issuer’s retailers. You can’t use a Sephora gift card at an Apple Shop, however, a Visa gift card may be used in a Sephora store that accepts Visa cards as payment.

  • Closed Loop gift cards

Gift cards that can only be redeemed at the issuer’s online or physical retail stores are known as closed-loop gift cards. Consider gift cards from Steam and Google Play as instances. The issuers of closed-loop gift cards do not charge for activation, which is a benefit over open-loop gift cards. Closed-loop gift cards, unlike open-loop cards, were meant to be used for the issuer’s company alone.

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Uses of Gift Cards

The following are some of the reasons why gift cards are used:

  1. Giving presents.
  2. Payment method for products, items or services
  3. Employee incentives
  4. They may also be exchanged for cash


Gift cards can’t be used to withdraw cash from ATMs, though. They are pre-loaded with a set amount of money, and after the cardholder has spent it all, the card cannot be used again.

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Gift cards, when presented as gifts, allow the receiver to select the precise gift they desire, making them more beneficial than traditional gifts. This is because when giving traditional gifts, the gift giver runs the danger of purchasing a gift that the recipient may not cherish.


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