“I need someone to come and molest me” – Singer Minjin says as he celebrates 1 year of celibacy

Former Kennis Music singer Adewale Lawanson Junior, aka Minjin, is currently celebrating one year of Celibacy.

The fast rising music star who had earlier ventured into erotic paintings said he is proud to have held on to his sexual desires for 12 months.

“I have been celibate for one year now and I am celebrating it my own way. I have my cake to that effect. However, as soon as I cut and eat the cake, I need someone to come and molest me. I can’t continue like this. I have really tried,” he said.

Recall that in an earlier interview, Minjin spoke on his romantic side.

He said, “To me, love means peace of mind. Who gives you peace of mind is the person you should love. Feelings of affection are good but I can’t be with someone who claims to love me but won’t give me peace of mind. It keeps you sane and helps you through life. Love is quite consuming. Inner peace should always come with love. Peace, joy and happiness should also follow. I’m in love with a lot of my fans. Right now, I am weighing my options. There are people I like but I can’t say I am in love with them. But if any of them gets pregnant, I’m not ready; but then it’s fine. We will keep the baby.

Asked what inspires him, Minjin said, “My ears inspire me. When I close my ears, noise is out, then I feel the inner me. My ears are very sensitive. I trained them. I might be driving and I hear a song playing, I can easily pick it and do something different.”