“Stop allowing my male colleagues sleep with you to become famous with Tiktok”, Skit maker Flora

Fast rising skitmaker, Flora has called out ladies who allow her male colleagues to sleep with them all because they want to achieve success with popular social media app, TikTok.

According to Flora, male skitmakers now take advantage of young girls who are hungry for fame. They grab their breast in video shoots and have sex with them.

She claimed that her male colleagues indulge in sex with ladies with a promise that they make them famous and successful.

Condemning such acts, Flora stressed that indulging in sexual relationship with skit makers doesn’t guarantee success for your TikTok.

“So they now sleep with people to put them in their TikTok videos, I hope people would know that this is just TikTok. I hope if you do one video with one known TikToker doesn’t guarantee success for your TikTok, doesn’t guarantee that the whole world would know you.” she wrote.

Speaking further she warned girls to desist from such acts. “Stop allowing this boys take advantage of you because of TikTok if you want to sleep with a guy do it but not because of of one TikTok.. … stop allow them grab your breast and chop you’,  she stressed.