“You May Not Have The Power To Change The Past But Have Full Power To Change The Future”, Wizkid’s Babymama, Jada P Writes

Wizkid’s manager and baby mama Jada P in a post, has made us understand that we may not have the power to change the past but we have the full power to change the future and we can do that.

Some people believe everything that happens to us daily is something destined to happen no matter what but Jada P seems not to be on that page as she’s with the few that believe that you have the power to change the future for yourself.

In a tweet, Jada P said that one may not have the power to change the past as it has already happened but then you have the full energy to change the future because it’s in your hands to turn your life around as you want.

We can agree with Jada P to some extent but then there is something that might happen in the future that you can never change no matter how hard you try hence not everything you can change in your future though there are some things you can change.