How to write an essay about celebrities?

How to write an essay about celebrities?

When in class the slogan “essay” falls you are fed up? Are you nervous about having to write another paper and already know you have no idea how to go about it? The good news is that essays are a specific but essentially easy literary form. The problem doesn’t stem from their nature, but from the fact that so far no one has shown you that writing an essay can be simple, meaningful, and even (really!) enjoyable. That’s why today you will learn how to write an essay about your favorite Hollywood star, what it even is, and how to make the whole thing go smoothly.

What is an essay?

In the simplest terms, an essay is a literary form in which we try to get to the bottom of an issue. We consider various arguments in order to assess the truth of our assumptions. An essay is characterized by subjectivity. We present our evaluations, research, and observations, views on celebrities rather than the opinions of society as a whole. This allows us to write about what we understand and what is consistent with our values or views. In turn, this makes the composition of the essay relatively “loose”. This is good news for you and we will focus on it in a moment.


It is important for you to understand that there is no such thing as a perfect celebrity essay. If you ask an experienced essay writer to tell you which essay he thought was the best, he will have quite a problem. Why? Because essays are very different, although they belong to one genre. Some of them deal with political issues, others with moral or philosophical issues. Each author has his own way of argumentation and freely chooses words. As a result, essays do not fit into rigid frameworks and rules that someone has to follow.


How to write an essay about celebrities? Don’t be afraid!

For you to write a good essay about Hollywood stars, you need to understand what it really is. Imagine a discussion with someone you like to talk to. It can be a friend, parent, partner, or lecturer. It is important that it is a person with whom you feel comfortable and know that you can present your views calmly. Because that’s what an essay is – a presentation of views, an evaluation of collected data, an attempt to interpret it and draw conclusions. Now go one step further. Settle comfortably in an armchair, take a cup of coffee in your hand and imagine that you are having a conversation. Let the discussion flow while you slowly choose your arguments. Don’t rush, because it’s not a race against time.


Understand that an essay is something in which you are the one who can and should show up. Take its subject seriously, like a discussion from which you can learn a lot. And don’t be afraid of it, because, beyond the general guidelines, you are not bound by any framework or strict requirements. It’s a job for you, in which you decide the direction of your own deliberations. To return to the information from a moment ago: there is no single perfect essay. Instead, you can choose your way of writing, and then you will feel that you are approaching the ideal that suits you. Sound better already?

College Essay about celebrities.

When some people don’t need to prepare to write any text and just pour words on paper, while others need many hours to gather information and create a plan. If you don’t feel confident writing an essay and still feel like it’s wandering around in the dark, then create a plan for it. Follow the guidelines here, which ARE NOT rigid rules, but a GUIDE, created by essay writing assistance for your convenience.


An essay consists of several parts:


  • Introduction, in which you introduce the audience to the topic and formulate the questions about the essay you will try to answer in the rest of the essay.
  • Arguments/examples that present your considerations. If your lecturer has not specified how many examples you should refer to, you have free rein. There may be 3, or maybe 15, and you decide how extensive your paper will be. Some people divide their arguments into paragraphs, others separate them with mid-headings. Decide for yourself what suits you.
  • A summary that coherently closes the entire work. However, do not treat it as a relief, the last sentences that divide you before you calm down and finish your work. An essay summary is something that many listeners will remember. So show that the discussion was enjoyable for you and that you yourself enjoyed participating in it. Be confident in your arguments and the conclusions you draw from them.
  • Taking the tips into account, create a mind ma about celebrities before you start writing your essay. Maybe it will be clouds in which you write down more examples. How about a table, a chart, or a bullet point list in which you write down one by one the quotes, authors, books, or situations you intend to refer to? The thing about a mind map is that you should have a concrete plan for your essay before you start writing it. This way you will know from the beginning what you are referring to, what shape the paper will take and what conclusions will be drawn from it. Thanks to the mind map, you will have already planned everything beforehand and sensibly divided it up, and now all that remains is to write it.



Finally, we have some tips for you that will help you organize your knowledge and protect you from unnecessary mistakes. With these, you can prepare and write a great essay in a few hours, which your lecturer will appreciate. You may even want to publish it on your Blog or social media because you will feel that it is actually something important and simple. Who knows!


Write as you see fit. An essay is a subjective work and yours alone. Use quotes, but analyze them as you feel. You are not presenting society’s opinion, but your own view on celebrity. Be authentic and it will be easier to take into account our tips for argumentative essays.

Don’t generalize. Don’t write “most people believe…”. Where do you get this conviction from? Are you referring to some poll or street poll? If not, reach for specifics to make your arguments closer to the truth.

Use a mind map before you start writing. That way your text will be consistent with itself and you won’t forget to write about what you want to include in this work.

Do not look for ready-made guidelines, because the essay does not have them! You are the one who decides on the shape, length, or number of arguments. Be yourself, show that you like to discuss, and convince others of your points.

Remember that there are no perfect essays. This is a work in which you analyze an issue, simply. Others may be impressed by your imaginative examples, the language you use, or the way you present your arguments. However, do not try to model yourself after others, because here your ideas are important. Just as you try to be authentic when talking to a friend, so it is now, too. Understand that essays are for people, not us for them. It is for us that they are supposed to be comfortable.

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