“I Don’t Hate Men Who Made Me Have 15 Abortions” – Relationship Coach, Lara, Says

I Don’t Hate Men Who Made Me Have 15 Abortions – Relationship Coach, Lara, Says

Relationship expert, Lara Kudayisi has confessed to having 15 abortions and says that she no more harbors resentment or hurt against the men who forced her to undergo the procedure.

This was revealed by Lara during an interview with Punch. The relationship expert, who is currently a single mother, claimed that she shared her experience so that others may benefit.

According to her, she was dumped 7 times in her past relationships and the last one broke up with her after she had her most recent abortion. Lara Kudayisi remarked that the stigma she has experienced since sharing her story is irrelevant.

Lara said;

“All those things do not matter to me because I know what I am doing and I have healed. It does not define me because it is my past. I am no longer the person that did those abortions. So, criticisms about my past life do not get to me.

“One does not need to go to people to find closure. That is what I teach people in the therapy program I run. Closure is what you get by yourself. I have gone through years of therapy and I have got closure with all the men I was involved with. That helped me to heal and be able to talk about my story. I do not harbour any anger or hurt anymore and it is all part of my journey.”

“I went public with my abortion story even before I got married. My ex-husband met me sharing my abortion story, which was what attracted him to me. My marriage had nothing to do with my past and this was the inspiration behind my book, ‘Why the Matchmaker’s Marriage Failed’.”