“They say I am controlling Ikechukwu”, because we live happily – Comedian Warri Pikin

‘They say I am controlling my husband, because we live happily’ – Comedian Warri Pikin

People sometimes suggest that Anita Asuoha, alias Real Warri Pikin, dominates her husband because of the support he offers her, but they live peacefully as one family, according to the outspoken comedienne.

She said, “They say I am controlling Ikechukwu. They should leave my husband for me. Once a marriage is happy, people will say the husband is a ‘mumu’ (fool), and that the woman is controlling the husband. I hear that a lot of times.”

realwarripikin 20191030 0002Noting that her husband and children completely support her brand, she said, “My husband and my children support me a hundred per cent. If my husband does not support me, I would not grow. Seeing that it is what makes me happy, he supports me.”

Regarding those who give her unsolicited advice about her marriage, she said, “If the person is older, I would just say ‘thank you’. But, I would go ahead to do whatever I want to do that I know is right. But if they are younger, I might insult them. If a man wants to be part of his children’s life, let him. It mustn’t be the woman’s responsibility alone.”

The comedienne, who made a social media post during the week referring to some married women as single mothers, emphasised what she meant. “Many married women are single mothers because they are left to take care of the children alone with little or no support from their husbands,” she said.

Proffering suggestions on how women can get their husbands to help them, she said, “Women should stop being enablers. If your husband does not support you with chores and childcare, or if he used to support you and stopped, especially if the two of you are both working, you need to communicate with him about it. Two people are working but only one person comes back to do the chores; that is wickedness. If you are a housewife, that is an entirely different situation.”