What Is Cocktail Ring And Why Do You Need One?

What Is Cocktail Ring And Why Do You Need One?

Making a statement and showing off your jewelry is as big now, as it was back in the day. Okay, maybe a bit less now, but even so. Everybody loves a good bit of bling, especially if they’re the ones wearing it!

Cocktail rings are the best way to add a finishing touch to any outfit, evening or not, for any special occasion. This piece of jewelry’s job is to be noticed anytime you enter a room, and the first thing people compliment you about.

So if you’re someone who’s searching for things like “What is a cocktail ring?” and looking for the best results, like Astteria, then continue reading this article to learn more.

What Is A Cocktail Ring?

The cocktail ring has been around since the 1920s and is a large piece of jewelry with a flamboyant style, pronounced to be worn on the middle finger or fourth finger on your right hand.

Diamond cocktail rings are the most popular and original type of flash you’d wear in order to attract the attention of anyone, or show off your wealth, at parties or high-class, important events that you’d be attending.

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No matter what style you have or the aesthetic you wear, cocktail rings are how you’re going to be able to really shine and bring out your look. This is because of the various amount of options you have when it comes to choosing the stone and ring you want, generally being a classic rounded stone, or a more modern cut, with the chance of flexibility when custom-made.

Professionally made cocktail rings never fade or become grainy over time, but only of course if you look after them and clean them like you’re supposed to.

Because of their large appearance, cocktail rings truly shine brighter and have a bold or more prominent appearance compared to other rings with gems or types of jewelry.

How Do Engagement Rings And Cocktail Rings Differ?

When it comes to comparing engagement rings and cocktail rings, things can get a little confusing as there isn’t a definitive guide as to what doesn’t make a cocktail ring worth of being an engagement ring.

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First, let’s cover what isn’t classified as a cocktail ring. If the ring doesn’t have any stones or is just simply a metal or simple material type of ring, it is unlikely to be called a cocktail ring. Unless, of course, it has a dramatic design engraved into it or is large enough, it could still qualify as what a cocktail ring is.

Solitaire rings, or engagement rings, are rings that only feature a diamond in the near center of the ring, and are not classified as cocktail rings. If the center stone or amount of smaller stones doesn’t take up enough of the room on the ring, then it isn’t considered to be a cocktail ring.

That being said, there is no rule or anything related to saying you can’t wear a cocktail ring as an engagement ring, especially if you want to stand out from the rest of the newlyweds.

Can You Wear A Cocktail Ring Every Day?

Say you really love the idea of cocktail rings and you’d like to wear one every day, is that possible? Would or could it damage the ring in any way?

The short answer is, it’s up to you with what you decide to do. But it’s generally implied, by many jewelers especially, to not wear jewelry such as cocktail rings every day as it can ruin their integrity, being prone to more scratches and a higher risk of the gemstone fading quicker.

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Jewelry such as cocktail rings are meant for more special occasions, they can also be changed with other cocktail rings during said special occasions or events, as it’s one of the best ways to keep the ring’s lifespan going stronger and longer.

If you’re wanting a type of cocktail ring that can last a whole day, and somewhat into the late evening, then the pearl is definitely the way to go. A large pearl is a very elegant and popular choice because of not just its beauty but its ability to fit any type of outfit.

Final Thoughts

If you’re looking for the finishing touch to your outfit or a piece of jewelry that you can wear on a special evening, event or not, then you definitely need to consider having a cocktail ring, like from Astteria, of your very own.



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