The Drawbacks of Using too much Social Media

The Drawbacks of Using too much Social Media

Given the times that we live in, it feels like a necessity to have a social media presence. It feels like an obligation to have an account on Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, and Snapchat. If someone hears that you don’t have an account, they would look at you all weirdly as if you are an Alien of sorts and you would probably be judged for it. There has been extensive research on the repercussions of using too much social media, you can access this research on the internet but for that, you need to make sure your internet is fast enough for you to do your reading.

It would be a smart choice to look into Spectrum Internet since it is among the best-performing internet services in the United States and that is something you don’t want to miss out on. While social media may be seen as a blessing, it could also be a curse for you if you go too far with it. Here are some ways how the too much social media could end up being a curse for you:

The Constant Fear of Missing Out

When you get too involved in something, it sometimes feels like it is impossible to get out of that. The same is the case with the internet and social media. We usually find ourselves too invested in whatever is going on in front of us and if we miss even one day of access to the internet, it becomes problematic for us as we start developing a fear of missing out (or FOMO for short). In this feeling, it feels like everyone else is having fun while you are left behind and this can induce feelings of worry and anxiety, that too for no reason at all.

So one way that the internet can harm you is by giving you undue anxiety through the fear of missing out. In order to avoid that, you need to limit your use of social media and need make sure you are self-sufficient enough to spend more time with yourself. Remember, it is you before anyone else!

Believe It or Not, It is an Addiction

Did you know that using too much social media can be seen as a form of addiction? If you look at it closely, you can notice the same signs you would see in someone who is addicted to cigarettes. After a little while, you feel the need to whip out your phone so that you could browse your social media. Similarly, when you are out with friends and you guys are about to eat something, if you have the urge to post a picture online, you are addicted to social media. If something significant happens in your life and you want to post it online instead of enjoying the moment, you are addicted to social media.

When you are addicted to something, the chemicals in your brain start going through a change and you feel like you are craving that certain thing, case in point social media. This compulsive behavior of irrationality can easily be linked to a social media addiction and that is not a good thing for your health.

An Unneeded Sense of Reliability on the Internet

There are a lot of things for which we rely on the internet. For instance, when we are out in public and have nothing to do, we take out our phones to keep us occupied instead of interacting with other people in a healthy way, as we should be doing. There is also this constant need for validation, that too from strangers who we don’t know at all. When we post something online, for instance, a picture of ourselves, we wait for people to leave a comment to hype us up since we are looking for validation from them. Not using the internet can have an impact on people, it can impact their mood in a negative way and they could be perceived as being moody.

What’s weird is that people of all ages are hooked to the internet and social media, from little children to people who have grandchildren. This has slowly driven us away from each other and no one can remember the last time they sat down with their families so that they could have a meaningful time.  

Self-Image Issues

When we start spending too much time on the internet, we start believing in everything that is shown to us. We start comparing ourselves to other people and how happy their life seems to be and then we start disliking ourselves for no reason. This is one reason why you should be staying away from the internet because everything is not what it seems to be.

Wrapping Up

While the internet is something that benefits us, it is also something that can be a nuisance to us. We need to be mindful when we are using the internet not just for ourselves, but for the people around us as well. There needs to come a time when you shut down your devices and spend time with the people that actually matter!

The Drawbacks of Using too much Social Media

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