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Israel DMW

who is israel dmw?

Nigerian socialite, politician, and personal logistics manager Israel Afeare is known by his stage name, Isreal DMW. He rose to fame as the famed Nigerian musician Davido’s logistical manager. He was raised with his parents and siblings after being born on October 4th, 1991, in Edo State, Nigeria.

Israel Afeare is the actual name of Israel DMW. He is a Nigerian socialite who also works as a Personal Logistics Manager. He rose to prominence as the Logistics Manager for Nigerian singer Davido.


Full Name:Afeare Israel
Date of Birth:October 4, 1991 (age 32 years old)
Place of Birth:Esan
State of Origin:Edo State
Occupation:Politician & Influencer
Net Worth:$200,000
Wife/Spouse:Sheila Courage David

Early Life

Israel DMW (born October 4, 1991), in Edo State, is a Nigerian social media influencer, politician, and Davido’s logistics manager. He became famous for working with Nigerian pop singer and DMW boss Davido.


He attended primary and secondary school in Edo State. He earned a bachelor’s degree in International Studies and Diplomacy from Ambrose Ali University in Ekpoma.


Shortly after moving to Lagos to make a living, Isreal was hired as an assistant, publicist, and logistics manager by famous Nigerian singer Davido. Over the years, Israel DMW has demonstrated tremendous dedication and loyalty to his career and boss, whom he now refers to as a brother. Israel made headlines on March 5, 2022, after Davido agreed to let him perform at the O2 Arena.

Some people wonder what roles he plays and what his other responsibilities are for Davido.

The roles Israel plays for Davido are listed below.

1. A logistic manager

On paper, Israel DMW is Davido’s logistician, overseeing the singer’s transportation and lodging. This gives him direct access to the singer, which may explain why he is one of her favourites.

2. He is Davido’s indirect mouthpiece

Israel has taken on the role of Davido’s spokesperson numerous times, sharing information the singer would not share.

This was evident a few weeks ago when Israel claimed to be the brains behind Wizkid and Davido’s reunion. Israel has done this numerous times. One was when he caused a social media uproar by screaming and bragging about Davido’s wealth.

Israel could be seen with a bell in his hand, screaming that his boss Davido is rich in a video shared by Nigerian artiste and social media influencer Tunde Ednut.

4. He can go any length for Davido

Israel has proven to be Davido’s trusted ally and will go to any length to prove his loyalty.

Recently, the logistic manager, in a video that has made the rounds on Instagram, was seen traditionally appeasing the gods with alcohol as he implored them to strike him dead if he fails to take a bullet for his boss, Davido.

O2 Arena

On March 5, 2022, Nigerian artist Davido hosted a sold-out show at London’s O2 Arena. To everyone’s surprise, his logistic manager, Isreal DMW, performed the grand opening. Israel DMW addressed the crowd in his native language while dressed in Edo native attire. He made statements like “Oba ghato kpere,” a greeting to address the Oba of Benin, enthralling the audience.

Israel showered praise on Davido by ringing a bell as he moved slowly around the stage. The audience was ecstatic after the performance because. Fans from all over the world shared their joy on social media.

Israel DMW hails Davido as he storms Benin ahead of his church wedding, shares video of venue

Personal Life

Nigerian singer Davido’s Logistics Manager, Israel DMW, married his lover, Sheila David, in October 2022 in Benin. The 30BG influencer earlier announced his engagement in April on Instagram. He held his traditional marriage with his partner in Edo state.

Israel DMW and DJ Cuppy

In an Instagram post in early 2021, Israel sparked controversy over DJ Cuppy and Zlatan’s separation. He said the feud between the two stemmed from DJ Cuppy’s failure to compensate Zlatan for his contributions to the “Gelato” song and her fundraising efforts. Despite this, DJ Cuppy, the billionaire’s daughter, refuted Israel’s claim and vowed to sue him for defamation.

Suspension from Davido

Davido suspended him from work in August 2021. This happened due to a comment he made on social media about the deputy commissioner of police’s fraud allegation. Following the arrest of Abba Kyari, the deputy commissioner of police, Israel DMW took to social media to protest the FBI.

Escaped a Fatal Accident

Israel was involved in a horrific accident in Benin City just weeks after Davido gifted Israel a new Venza car. His new car collided with an oncoming vehicle, resulting in catastrophic injuries and damage.

If I come in another life, I will serve Davido – He says

Isreal DMW revealed that he would still serve the singer if he ever gets reincarnated.

Identified as the music star’s logistics manager, Israel DMW has trended several times in the Nigerian digital space due to his antics, most of which involve his boss.

In a series of posts via his Instagram stories, Isreal DMW announced that he had received another two-year UK visa courtesy of Davido.

He wrote, “I just got another 2 yrs UK Visa into my Life. Thanks my Oga. If I come to another life again, it is you I will serve. E remain America ohhh. URUESE KAKABO.” (sic)

Online vendor calls out Israel DMW

In April 2023, Mides Haven, an online vendor, targeted singer Davido’s logistics manager, Isreal Afeare, also known as Isreal DMW. The lady accused the logistics manager of breach of contract and plotted to defraud her of $800,000.

She claimed that all attempts to contact him have been futile because he has blocked her on all social media platforms and the emails she sent to the DMW lawyer and managers have gone unanswered.

She described the incident, saying she contacted Israel in December to have an ad video of him promoting her herbs posted on his page. She claimed he charged her N1 million and she paid an N800,000 deposit.

She revealed that she met him at the airport to deliver the products and that he did not inform her that he would not be posting.

Surprisingly, just days after their meeting, he requested she sends him the balance, and when she asked for a video of the ad, he used Ifeanyi’s death as an excuse, adding that 30BG does not refund when she demands her money.

“@isrealdmw wants to rip me off 800k. I’m calling online because all avenues to reach him as failed I’ve been begging since December, I sent emails to the Dmw lawyer and managers to speak to him no response guess they didn’t see it.

“Her mother tell me say she for give her daughter to Ned Nwoko” – Israel DMW spills further

In Dec, I contacted Isreal for an ad video of him promoting my herbs to be posted on his page. He charged one million and I paid an 800k deposit when he does the video and I like it, I’ll send the balance so he can post. (Please swipe to listen to the voice note of that).

So I met him up at the airport to give him the products, and he never told me he can’t post them. (swipe to see)

Few days after he started asking for balance and I asked for a video, then he mentioned he can’t post at the time because of what happened, but he never told me this before. So I asked for a refund he said 30bg doesn’t refund, okay when will you post he said he doesn’t know.

After he mentioned this I even understood the situation, and I was like I didn’t even think of this and you didn’t tell me either.
Meanwhile, the money was my marketing budget for December. So I said okay make the video since you can’t post I’ll take it to blogs to promote but he refused, he said I should send the balance first. And I was like wouldn’t that be stupid of me to give you more money when I haven’t gotten value for what I paid before? Then he blocked me, Any number I reach him with he will block, he has blocked 4 numbers so far.

I looked for his wife no begged her to talk to him, ever since I have been begging different people to talk to him. From my friend who knows people in Dmw to Mr. Tunde, to several other people.
it was just this month after the album launch he posted a picture of my product bag on his story. This was never what we agreed after waiting 4 months plus. So I called him he then said I should go and bring 10 million for video. This was not what we agreed. Tunji Dmw tried to talk to him too, but he still refused. The picture he posted I didn’t when get up to 3 customers from it, and my followers didn’t increase because no one understood what it was about. How can I pay 800k and not get value for money, no followers no customers”.


“Agreement is Agreement.” Israel DMW finally breaks the silence

Davido’s logistics manager, Israel DMW, has at last spoken out about the purportedly breached contract he allegedly had with an online vendor.

The 02 performing artists claimed on his Instagram page that the internet seller only paid him a portion of the money he demanded from her in exchange for him promoting his goods.

He pleaded with her to carry out her end of the bargain, telling her that he can only use a video of him to market her products if she does.

He asserted that their original arrangement called for him to twice post her products on his story.

“Mide, pay the amount I have asked for if you truly want a video of me promoting our products because it was never in our initial agreement. Our earlier agreement was for me to post our products on my story. Which I fully did twice. Thanks”.

Israel DMW’s marriage reportedly crashes as his wife leaves home, returns bride price

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According to gistloverblog_mediaoutlet, Israel, one of Davido’s aides,’s marriage struck the rocks after his wife reportedly left her matrimonial house and returned the bride price.

Israel Afeare, also known as Israel 30BG or Israel DMW, is the Logistics Manager for Nigerian artist Davido. He married his lover, Sheila David, in October 2022 in Benin.

For years, the 42-year-old social media sensation has been Davido’s helper and is a member of the singer’s 30 billion gang.

Several months later, a report about an alleged marriage crash in the popular Nigerian’s home surfaced on the internet.

Revealing the genesis of the alleged marriage crash, gistlover revealed in a statement written in Pidgin English but converted to proper English by us: “This is what happened: According to information we’ve received, Sheila was in a relationship with someone before her father introduced her to Israel at a bar where Israel hosted an event.”

“Money quickly became a factor, and her father struck up a friendship with Israel. Eventually, her father revealed that he had a beautiful, virgin daughter. To cut a long story short, they arranged a meeting, and due to financial incentives, Israel agreed to marry Sheila.”

“Things escalated rapidly; before we knew it, they had set a wedding date. The wedding became the talk of the town, even attracting celebrities like Davido. However, issues began to arise just a few months into the marriage.”

“Sheila would want to go to the market, and Israel wouldn’t allow her to use the car sometimes. If she went out and returned, Israel would check her undergarments to see if she had been unfaithful. Israel didn’t provide her with much financial support, and she resorted to influencer gigs to make ends meet.”

“There were even public disputes. At times, Sheila would leave the house for days without returning. Despite the short duration of the marriage, she endured a lot of hardship. Her father, who had pushed her into the marriage, couldn’t help her.”

“Sheila left the house twice but later returned. After a fight on Israel’s last birthday, she recently decided she’d had enough and moved out, asking her parents to return the bride price. Although there was a signed agreement not to discuss their issues online, the matter has escalated.”

“Some unconfirmed sources suggest that Sheila might have left Israel’s house while pregnant, but this is not certain. Both families are now trying to mediate, hoping she might return. Please note that this information is unverified, and we are open to corrections. I come in peace.”

Social Media

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Israel DMW Net Worth

Israel DMW is a well-known Nigerian social media influencer and politician who is also the logistics manager for African superstar singer Davido. He has an impressive estimated net worth of $200,000, earned through his provision of logistics services for the singer. With his social media influence and political expertise, Israel DMW has become a prominent figure in Nigeria and continues to make waves in the entertainment industry.

People Also Ask For FAQs

How old is Isreal DMW?

He is 32 years of age. Born on October 4, 1991.

where is israel dmw from?

Isreal DMW is an indigene of Edo State.

what happened to israel dmw?

Davido’s logistics manager, Israel DMW, has at last spoken out about the purportedly breached contract he allegedly had with an online vendor.

is israel dmw married?

The logistic manager of Davido, Israel has married his long time partner, Sheila Courage David.

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