“It’s A Powerful Name That’s Why When My Husband Suggested It I Loved It” Mercy Aigbe On Muslim Name

Adekaz 1, Mercy 0 – Mercy Aigbe says, promises to retaliate embarrassing sahur post by hubby

Mercy Aigbe, a popular Yoruba film actress, has used her most recent Instagram post to clear the air about her new Islamic name, which was given to her by her husband after her conversion to Islam.

She took to Instagram to share a post in which she stated that the new name is powerful, which is why she loved it when her husband suggested it to her.

She disclosed that she saw a lot of comments on social media where some Muslims were arguing with each other about the meaning of the name, which cracked her up big time.

She made it clear that her new name is Minnah, which simply means mercy and a gift from Allah. She revealed that she understands that because the name is not a common one, that is why people aren’t used to it.

In the statement she made on her Instagram page, she said, “I understand it’s not a common name, so a lot of people aren’t used to it.”

It’s a powerful name that’s why when my husband suggested it, I loved it. I saw a lot of comments from Muslims saying it’s Aminat, some saying it’s Meenah, and that Minnah is not a Muslim name. So it is not Aminat, nor is it Meenah; the correct name is Minnah.