Fans bombard actress, Kudirat Ogunro with love as she shares disturbing post on death

Kudirat Ogunro

Kudirat Ogunro, also known as Semilore Pweety in Nollywood, has received heartfelt messages from her followers after sharing a scary post about dying.

Following the spate of deaths in Nollywood earlier this week, Kudirat encouraged her followers and admirers to express their love for her before she died.

The Yoruba actress predicted that she would die one day and that her loved ones, partner, and fans will grieve her before moving on.

She also mentioned how her detractors would rejoice in her death, oblivious to the fact that their turn would come soon.

“One day I will die alone my loved ones will cry for a while then move on hmmm. Those who hate me will have that joy in their heart that she’s finally gone. They have forgotten that no one will leave this earth alive. Friends will post my pictures with written touching messages and move on. My partner will cry when our memories come up and move on as well. My inbox will be full of unread messages and in a short time, everyone will move on.
Hmmm, the world will keep spinning without me because my life chapter will be closed and closed forever. But if you love me, show it to me while I’m alive, show that care. Let me feel it myself, the sweet words you have in mind towards me to write behind my back for people to read. Don’t keep till I die. Write it now. Let me read it myself”.

Her fans and lovers took to her Instagram comment section to bombard her with love messages.

Fans bombard Kudirat Ogunro with love as she shares cryptic post on death Kemi Filani blog min 1