How to Transfer Funds with Keystone Bank’s Transfer Code

Benefits of Using Transfer Codes


Using transfer codes for Keystone Bank offers unparalleled convenience as I can initiate transactions anytime, anywhere without visiting a physical bank branch. This flexibility aligns perfectly with my fast-paced lifestyle, enabling me to manage my finances on the go effortlessly.


When it comes to managing financial transactions, time is of the essence. With transfer codes, I can swiftly send money, check my account balance, and perform various banking activities within seconds. This efficiency not only saves me valuable time but also ensures seamless and prompt transactions.

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Question: Why should I use transfer codes for Keystone Bank?
Answer: By using transfer codes for Keystone Bank, I can enjoy unparalleled convenience and significant time savings in managing my financial transactions efficiently.

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How to Activate Transfer Code for Keystone Bank

Step 1: Dial *7111#

To activate the transfer code for Keystone Bank, I simply dial *7111# on my mobile device to access the activation menu.

Step 2: Follow the instructions

Next, I follow the on-screen instructions to verify my account details and confirm my identity for security purposes.

Step 3: Set your PIN

Finally, I set a secure Personal Identification Number (PIN) that will be used to authorize transactions when using the transfer code.

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Question: How do I activate the transfer code for Keystone Bank?
Answer: To activate the transfer code for Keystone Bank, simply dial *7111#, follow the on-screen instructions to verify your account details, and set a secure PIN for transaction authorization.

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How to Transfer Funds using Keystone Bank Transfer Code

Step 1: Dial *7111#

To initiate a fund transfer via Keystone Bank, I’ll start by dialing *7111# on my mobile device. This action will grant me access to the transfer code service.

Step 2: Select transfer option

Once I’ve dialed the code, I’ll proceed by selecting the transfer option from the menu displayed on the screen. This step is crucial in specifying the type of transaction I intend to carry out.

Step 3: Enter recipient’s account number

After selecting the transfer option, I’ll be prompted to input the recipient’s account number. This ensures that the funds I wish to transfer are directed to the correct account securely.

Question for Featured Snippet: How do I transfer funds using Keystone Bank transfer code?
Answer: To transfer funds using Keystone Bank’s transfer code, dial *7111# on your mobile device, select the transfer option, and enter the recipient’s account number when prompted.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I initiate a fund transfer using Keystone Bank transfer code?

Simply dial *7111# on your mobile device, select the transfer option, enter the recipient’s account number, confirm the transaction, and your funds will be transferred securely.

Is it safe to use Keystone Bank transfer code for transactions?

Yes, using the Keystone Bank transfer code is safe and secure. The platform is equipped with encryption technology to protect your financial information.

Are there any charges for using the Keystone Bank transfer code?

Yes, a small fee may be applicable for each transaction made using the Keystone Bank transfer code. Kindly check with the bank for the latest fee schedule.

Can I use the Keystone Bank transfer code at any time of the day?

Yes, you can use the Keystone Bank transfer code 24/7 at your convenience to transfer funds anytime, anywhere.

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