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BREAKING NEWS: Nicki Minaj retires from music

One of the world’s top female rappers have retired from doing music! Barbies must be in tears by now as their icon Nicki Minaj...

Drake goes on a Date with French Model and Porn Star Rosee Divine in...

enter The 29-year-old Rapper who has been rumored to be dating Latino Singer Jennifer Lopez since the holidays back in december was Photographed enjoying a...

#Tas2017 : Bayo Omoboriowo Will Be Coming To The Academic Summit 8.0!

From being a street pure water hawker?? to becoming the personal photographer?? for President Buhari Bayo Omoboriowo (@bayoomoboriowo)will be live at The Academic Summit 8.0(@academicsummit) taking...

Victoria Kimani sexy and stunning in a black laced see through dress

The First Lady of the Chocolate City Record Label downed this sexy black laced dress outfit to an event during the week, coupled with...
Diary of a Crazy Efik Girl - Episode 1

Diary of a Crazy Efik Girl Episode Two [rated 18+]

So here I am, all set up in school. Got my own place and started making new friends and crush.... Without wasting time at...
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