How To Start A Fish Business in Nigeria [100% Complete Guide]

How To Start A Fish Business [Complete Guide]

What better place to be on how to start a fish Business in Nigeria in 2021 than here? Yes, you’re right here in the right place for that kind of info, and I would be going through the topic as thorough as possible.

I cannot hold myself any longer to say this (In fact, I had to restrain myself from using it as the first sentence you’d read) but Give a man a fish, he’ll eat but for a day, teach him how to fish, and he’ll eat for many days.

How does this concern the business of the day? You may ask. Well, if you didn’t get the wordplay, I’m trying to say that I’ll be teaching you how to start a fish business in Nigeria (now you see fish), thereby putting the knowledge that would empower you for many days to come, in your hands.

Without further ado, let’s get fishin’

Getting Started on How To Start A Fish Business in Nigeria

One thing we should all get out of the way is that the fish business isn’t just about actually fishing.

How To Start A Fish Business [Complete Guide]
How To Start A Fish Business in Nigeria [100% Complete Guide]
So I’m just going to talk about the fish businesses in the groups they belong to, so you can better choose.

Fish Farming

We begin the list with the most obvious one: Fish farming. It is the one you’ve most likely heard of, and it’s nothing bad to recommend that you go into it once and for all.

Now, starting fish farming doesn’t require any high technical expertise, you could be anybody to start a Fish Farming business here in Nigeria.

You would need to count the cost before you start, as the physical location for the pond, what kind of fish you’d like to farm, what kind of ponds you would prefer to use, what size of ponds would be sufficient, as well as the little stuff, like the food the fishes would eat, and so on.

Then, you’ve got to make plans for your business to be recognised under the law.

This entails that you draw up a Business plan and a Memorandum of Association. Get fixed the rest of the business documents that would verify that your fish business is actually, legally in business.

Fish Processing

There’s another route into the fish business; that’s fish processing and you can go down that road instead.

Where this puts you, is at the front of the Fish farm owner, according to the distribution chain, but that doesn’t mean that the requirement is any less.

You would need to get a physical location where you want the processing to be done, and more importantly, what kind of processing you want to be done.

You could smoke fish, Can it, or Dry it; try to make proper findings on which one of them has more market within and around the area you want to set up your business.

Then there’s the cost of getting suppliers, and the other things like branding, packaging and distribution.

 Of course, you would then have to make arrangements to register your business.

Conclusion on How To Start A Fish Business in Nigeria

Starting a Fish business has several sides to it, but the ones I have mentioned are those that a much better prospect in the current Nigerian market.

You would also realise that there is a fundamental requirement of starting out a fish business in Nigeria, and it is that it is required that you register the company.

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