5 Tips To Make Your iPhone Battery Last Longer

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How do you make your iPhone battery last longer? or stop going around with power banks? How do you get the best out of your iPhone without having to bother about the battery?

Let’s face it, the power supply is nothing to write home about in Nigeria. If you have light in your house while reading this, there is a high chance it will go off any time soon. Yes, it’s that bad.

Meanwhile, iPhone is one of the most loved smartphones in Nigeria today. The majority of smartphone users in Nigeria either use an iPhone or want to use one (but can’t afford it).

The device is loved by all because of its functionality, speed, interphase, and other amazing features.

5 Tips To Make Your iPhone Battery Last Longer in 2021

However, many people have pointed out that iPhone has a major pitfall which is its battery.

So, as a Nigerian user, your concern would be to know how to make your iPhone battery last longer.

Here are five things you can do to make your iPhone battery last longer:

  1. Remove iOS Dynamic Backgrounds

iPhone has a feature that allows different images to change behind your app icons. This is a really cool feature, to be honest. However, it’s a major battery drainer.

So the first step in making sure your battery lasts longer, especially as a Nigerian, is removing this “cool” feature.

To remove the dynamic background, go to Wallpaper and Brightness – >

Choose a New Wallpaper. Choose any background image of your choice from your camera roll options or your “Stills”.

  1. Turn off Bluetooth

Bluetooth has evolved over the years. It has gone from just being a tool that connects two devices for file transfers, now you need it for your AirPods and connectivity to other external devices.

Nevertheless, sending out data using Bluetooth also consumes battery and is one of the reasons why your iPhone battery does not last.

Of course, you’d switch on Bluetooth whenever you need it. However, always switch it off when you’re done to make your iPhone battery last longer.

To turn off Bluetooth on your iPhone go to Settings – > Bluetooth – > Move the slider to white / off.

  1. Manage Background Activity of Apps

Whether or not you are using it at a time, your phone is always working. This is not only peculiar to iPhone; it’s the same for virtually all smartphones.

All the Apps running and updating in the background also depend on your battery which contributes to its short life.

To turn off the iPhone feature that makes it possible for apps to run in the background, go to Settings – > General – > Background App Refresh (set it off).

5 Tips To Make Your iPhone Battery Last Longer in 2020

  1. Remove iPhone Case When Charging

When you charge your iPhone while it’s in some types of cases, it generates heat in excess which leads to gradual damage to the battery.

If possible, even when you’re not charging, try not to keep your iPhone in a case. It also leads to iPhone temperature which drains power really fast.

  1. Auto-Adjust iPhone Screen Brightness

Turning on auto-brightness can also help make your iPhone battery last longer significantly.

Using this setting, your iPhone adjusts its screen brightness based on the light around it.

For instance, the screen light gets brighter in bright places and darker in dark places.

To turn on auto-brightness, go to Settings – > Wallpapers & Brightness – > Move the Auto-Brightness slider to green / on.

Do all of these and you will be shocked at how much longer your iPhone battery would last going forward. Yes, you can enjoy your iPhone as a Nigerian.

You only needed the right information and that you’ve just found. Don’t forget to share with fellow iPhone users.

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