What To Do When Your Device Won’t Connect To Wi-Fi?

What To Do When Your Device Won’t Connect To Wi-Fi?

Once in a while, each of us faces problems with Wi-Fi connection. One of such problems is the inability of a device like a smartphone or a laptop to get connected with Wi-Fi. This can be frustrating as it can cut you off from the rest of the world using the digital connection.

Of course, one has the option to switch to mobile data but such technology is not available for the laptop and also, mobile data works slowly in comparison to Wi-Fi connection.

Without proper internet connectivity, any expensive device can be turned into a brick with only low functionality available. If your device is unable to connect to the Wi-Fi network, you can try the following tips. 

1. Is Your Device Within The Range Of The Router?

The range of Wi-Fi coverage differs from one router to another, along with other factors like the thickness of the wall of the home, the placement of the router, to name a few. If your device is placed far away from the router, the device will not get the Wi-Fi signals. Try to bring the device closer to the Wi-Fi router. 

2. Turn Wi-Fi On For Your Device 

For connecting to Wi-Fi, it is essential to enable Wi-Fi on your device. If your smartphone or laptop is running on flight mode, the device is cut off from all the external devices. From the Setting section, turn on Wi-Fi. Further, depending upon the device that you are running on, you can enable the Auto-Join feature. 

3. Enter Your Wi-Fi Password If Asked Again

If you enter the wrong Wi-Fi password, you will not be able to get connected to Wi-Fi. Make sure that you have entered the right password for the Wi-Fi connection. If you think your Wi-Fi password has been compromised, it is recommended that you change the Wi-Fi password. The same can be done from the router admin page from or depending upon the router that you are using. 

4. Restart Your Device

Sometimes, the problem lies with the device itself. A simple rebooting can solve the problem. To check whether the problem is with the device or not, you can switch it off and then turn it on. Restarting has earned the reputation of solving many problems including the Wi-Fi issues. Along with restarting your device, you can also restart your router. 

5. Update Your Operating System 

A bug in the system of the smartphone or laptop can also create problems with the Wi-Fi. If you are running your device on an outdated version, the problem can lie in that issue. Check whether a new Software Update is available or not. If a new Software Update is available for the device, update the software and see if the issue is fixed or not. 

  1. Make Sure That Your Router Is Functioning Properly

Sometimes, even when the device is connected with Wi-Fi, the internet does not appear to be functioning. The router even if one might emit an empty signal. You can check whether the router is functioning properly or not by checking the lights of the router. If you are confused about whether the router is working properly or not, you can contact your internet service provider for the same. 

7. Reset Your Device 

If your Wi-Fi router is working properly and all the above methods have failed to connect your device with Wi-Fi, the last resort is to reset your device. Resetting or factory reset of the device will reset all the Wi-Fi network and passwords including the cellular settings. If your device used to connect Wi-Fi previously, a factory reset will solve the issue for sure. 

If you are still unable to connect your device with the Wi-Fi network, you can try using another Wi-Fi network. If none of the devices that you are using is able to connect with the Wi-Fi, there might be a service outage that can only be solved by the internet provider.

You can also try to update the Wi-Fi router with the latest firmware. Further, you can check whether your device is able to connect itself with another Wi-Fi router or not. This will help to identify where the primary problem lies. 

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