How And Why To Create Photo Journal For Recording Your Life?

How And Why To Create Photo Journal For Recording Your Life?

Journaling has many benefits and much has already been written about it. A few of the best-known benefits of journaling include improved mood, a sense of well-being, ability to fight with post-trauma and further, according to research by Baikie and Wilhelm, 2015, it also improves working memory. One of the preconceived notions about journaling is that it needs to be written but that is not true. A visual journal can also be as powerful as the traditional way of journaling and further, provides a much better way to engage with your creative side. 

What Is a Photo Journal?

A photo journal can take a wide variety of forms and there is no strict definition of it. Mostly, photo journaling comprises daily photos of your everyday life and it tells about your experience in a photographic way. Many also prefer to create photo journals around a theme and they like to include many Cool Photos in it. However, how you want to craft a photo journal is a personal choice. 

How To Create A Photo Journal In A Traditional Way?

Firstly, for creating a photo journal, you will need to pick a journal of course. It is advisable to choose a quality journal as it will get heavy with all your photographs. Blank journals are perfect for photo journals. However, you can also go for the grid and lines if you want on the basis of your preference. You can also decide whether you want a blank cover or you want to cover your journal with your very own creativity. 


Once the journal is purchased, you can choose and print the photos that you want to go in the journal. Your journal is your personal space and therefore, do not think twice before pasting a photo that you really like in the journal including Sexy Photos of yours. You can also go creative with the size of the photos. For instance, your favourite photos can come in a bigger size while the other ones in a smaller size. Even though a picture speaks a thousand times, there is no harm in adding a caption to the photos that you include in your journal providing more details behind the pictures. In the future, when you look back at your journal, you will be happy that you added the details. 


Lastly, once you have added the photos and have written the caption, go on the full creative mode in decorating the journals. You can add stickers, stamps, washi tapes, tickets and even cut-outs of magazines and newspapers to decorate the journal. 

How To Create A Digital Photo Journal?

If you think carrying a hard copy of your photo journal will be too difficult for you to manage, you can instead go for a digital photo journal. A digital photo journal can be created on numerous platforms like Canva, Evernote, OneNote and even Microsoft Word. Maintaining a digital journal is easier than the offline version of it, the reason being you can start working on it anytime with your device and further, it removes the burden of printing the photos and pasting it. 

For creating a digital photo journal, firstly, you need to choose a platform. Once the platform is chosen, design the first page of the journal using the tools that you want. Throughout the day, keep capturing images on your smartphones that you find interesting, or make you happy or sad. Basically, anything that invokes some sort of feelings inside you needs to be captured. At the end of the day, select the images that are meaningful to you. You can, of course, include all the images that you want. 


Now, just like maintaining a traditional photo journal, write captions on it. While writing the captions, you can play with the different heading styles, font styles, designs and colours without spending tons on stationery items. After the content is ready, you can further go ahead and design your digital journal. At the end of the year, for extra fun, you can go ahead and print your entire digital journal and you will have your very own journal books. 


Journaling can help you to survive when the world looks chaotic. It is an excellent tool to track your growth and progress and improve your expression. You can introspect and retrospect and grow by knowing yourself better.  

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