9 Effective Tips to Write an Essay about a Celebrity

9 Effective Tips to Write an Essay about a Celebrity

Despite how much you might know about celebrities when writing an essay about them, it is not as easy as it sounds. You will need to do adequate research, organize the information you got from different reliable sources and put them to make a good essay.

This might take some time, but if you follow the tips thoroughly, you will develop an excellent essay.

Tips to Write an Essay About A Famous Person

Imagine if your favourite celebrity comes to you and says, ‘write an essay for me’, how do you start it and go about making an excellent article that will blow everyone’s mind.

1.    Choose who to write about

It would be an added advantage if you were not given who to write on. Because then, you can write about someone you know and like, or a celebrity in a niche that interests you.

If there are particular specifications like choosing someone based on a topic or a niche, choose the most popular because you will likely find more information about them.

If you do not know who to write about, streamline your options to a niche, and ask people about the niche, write about the person whose name pops up the most.

2.    Map out an outline

Writing out what aspect of the person’s life you want to write about will make it easier to do your research, and you will spend less time writing than without a plan.

In this outline, ensure your headings or ideas are only about the necessary information. Do not talk about the obvious or boring aspects.

The outline should include basic information about them, their achievements, what they do, and star moments in their life. Except if specified that you should write about it, do not write about bad publicity they have received, and if you will, write about it only briefly.

3.    Start your research

Whether or not you know about the person you are to write about, you will still need to do intense research. Go to your web browser and look up the celebrity. Check the different articles written on the person and see if you can pick some points.

Be careful to choose news only from credible sources and not just random blogs with inaccurate information. Another reliable source is to check out interviews with the person and hear information about the person from the person’s answers. Check them out on their social media pages, and understand their personality and life.

Also, check for some information offline. Go to the library and see if you can get information on the person via books, newspapers, and magazines.

4.    Take notes

By now, you should have loads of information about the person; start placing the notes under each heading you outlined. You should not start taking notes when you are done with all the information, do it after getting valuable information so that you do not forget the information or the source.

Also, taking notes helps you form a good story because you will be able to combine information about one heading from different views. Compare and contrast stories, see the consistent data, and note them.

5.    Note all your sources

You should not write without knowing where you wrote the information from. This is necessary when you need to cite or refer to the source. Also, if you paraphrase or quote from an authority, you should reference them.

So as you are taking notes, write the source of information in front of the data. You can also include the page (if you got it from a newspaper, book, or magazine) to make it easier to locate later.

If you get the information from their social media page, you might not be able to reference it,  but note it just in case.  And if it is from an interview session, note who hosted the interview, what year it was hosted, and where it took place. This makes your essay more original than just writing points from different blogs.

6.    Write the essay from scratch

With all you have written; you should be able to write the first draft of the essay since you have already outlined the headings and taken notes. Put all data under the appropriate title.

Some things to take note of while writing the essay is

  • Make the essay easy and exciting to read.
  • Use transition words between the paragraphs.
  • Refer to credible sources; “according to Forbes…….”
  • Show your knowledge of English with the use of advanced words
  • Do not plagiarize
  • Do not talk directly to the reader; it is an essay, not a blog or article.


9 Effective Tips to Write an Essay about a Celebrity

To make the essay more intriguing, refer to a remarkable event in the person’s life. It could be the turn of the person’s life to being a celebrity, their ‘grace from grass’ story, etc. Try not to write the negative aspects or highlights; you are writing an essay, not a gossip blog.

You can list all the awards they have gotten in their lifetime. And the celebrity has a family, talk about them.

8.      Go through It

No matter how well-written you think your essay is, there are bound to be mistakes or parts you need to rephrase or rewrite. So go through the essay thoroughly. At first, you can glance through to note the typos and grammatical errors.

Then, read through to note your use of words and sentence formation. Think about the statements and how your reader’s perspective can affect the sentence’s meaning.

Even though you are using some advanced words, the sentence should still be easy for readers to comprehend.

You can also check with online writing apps to check for some errors or things you missed.

9.    Get external opinion

A final review you can give the essay is to read it to a third party. Reading your essay aloud can make you realize some things you could have missed while correcting the essay.

When you read to another person, the person can easily point out parts that seem vague and hard to comprehend.

Also, the person can tell you if you keep repeating points or if your points are too dull or unnecessary. It will be better if the person knows about essay writing.

This article guides you on how to write an essay about a celebrity, not how to write an essay. If you need help writing an essay, seek out reliable sources teaching essay writing. But with prior knowledge of essay writing, these tips are all you need to write an outstanding essay about a  celebrity.


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