The most interesting indie games as of 2022

The most interesting indie games as of 2022

In early April, the authors of Loop Hero announced that under the circumstances, they would not mind if you download its pirated version. Publisher Devolver Digital supported the initiative, stating that this position had been previously agreed with him.

Since then, we’ve had a lot of interviews with the developers about what games inspire them and are, in their opinion, genuinely original. Some are legally downloadable by paying the authors, and some are free. If you are not as interested in indie games as an online casino for real money in India, the link, you will find interesting information for yourself.

Among the best indie games, you can see:

  • Project Zomboid;
  • World of Horror;
  • Outer Wilds.

Neo Scavenger

The game is complex and extremely shy about explaining its own rules. As a result, we often see it as a “hobo simulator,” and you can see why: the hero is primarily a wanderer searching abandoned buildings and only secondarily a fighter.

The most interesting indie games as of 2022

You burn pieces of newspaper with a barely working lighter to boil water in an old pot, pre-bottled from the nearest puddle. Wear two right sneakers-you still haven’t found a sneaker for your left foot. Tear one of the seen T-shirts into rags – you need at least some air filter. Finally, you die from a random little thing you didn’t consider and start over again. This game is fun to master and just as fun to play once you’ve gotten into the rules.


Project Zomboid

We can’t name a single game that resembles Zomboid. Other survival simulators do not have such deep mechanics. In our memory, it is the only game where a zombie is not just a mob with damage and HP. It’s a mob with damage and HP that can scratch and bite. So you run away and pray that that one scratch you got on your arm in a recent scuffle with the infected won’t get you infected. You quickly find a bottle of antiseptic at your base and pour it over the scratch time after time.

You eat canned food to boost the healing factor; you read a rainy day comic book to calm your nerves. And then, a couple of days later, nausea on the spot. You know very well what that means. Perhaps the best solution is to take off all your clothes, carefully put them in the nearest closet and wish the next survivor an easier fate.

Cultist Simulator

It is a card game. It’s so card-based that you’ve only got a table on which to lay out your cards. Played by completely unintuitive rules, knowledge of which is demanding. You’ll look for answers to questions and even find them sometimes. Of course, you could Google everything, but then the charm of this game would instantly go away.

World of Horror

It is a small but wildly atmospheric Howard Lovecraft and Junji Ito-style RPG. The skeleton is numbers and rolls of imaginary dice. Still, the facade is a game-damnation from the deep Internet, in which you can’t help but expect the skeletal hand of a dead man to rest on your shoulder or the creepy face of a madman to flash across the window.

You are a teenager living in a small seaside town where something is going wrong. The familiar world ends, and you decide to investigate what’s going on. You must solve five unrelated strange occurrences to pave the way to the main curse. Hurry, and a monster will eat you. Delay and the curse will gain power, consuming the entire world. A concise game, giving a unique experience, if only for the atmosphere and the visuals.


Another short game was styled after the Windows 95 interface. Monsters appear in pop-ups, loading indicators appear while reading spells, and the inventory is a folder into which you must drag items from the chest folder with the cursor.

Sunless Sea

You’ll love this game if you don’t die of boredom in the first few minutes. It was created with the same developers who made Cultist Simulator, and it feels like it.

You can use your slow ship to deliver some coal to a neighboring port and sell it. In addition to material resources, you will receive support in the abstract – searing memories, breaking news, frightening rumors, and northern scars.

All of these can be brought somewhere and turned into something new, but where and how is for the captain plowing the underground sea to find out. If your imagination works even a little, then this game will pile fuel with the widest shovel for him. Finally, you must get through the “how to play this?” phase and accept that you’ll sail from one port to the next, howling with longing.

If you dislike this game, you can always learn how to play Teen Patti. This game is a favorite of many players.

Hobo: Tough Life.

RPG about a hobo. With pumping, collecting items, and building a den. Maybe you’ll become a thief and start theatrically complaining to passersby about your hard fate, squeezing a stingy tear from his eyes, a few coins from his wallet, and a brand-new lighter from his pocket.

The most interesting indie games as of 2022

Or maybe you’ll be the local chef, masterfully making goulash from a dead sparrow and the morning slop that’s easiest to find near the local restaurant. Got a beef with the goons? Buy a tire iron from someone you know, or strap a garden gnome and scissors to a stick. Better to carry cigarettes just in case, for which you are likely to be released in peace. Perks, crafting, pumping, quests – everything here is noble, but in an entourage, you wouldn’t normally expect in a game like this.

Outer Wilds

It’s hard to say anything about this game without spoiling the experience. Outer Wilds is an exploration in its purest form: spoilers are terrible for it. So we won’t say anything except that it’s good.

Rain World

It is a simulation of the general injustice of the world and a test of your patience. The game is built around honest physics, which makes the character control unaccustomed. The rules are barely explained here – you must delve into everything yourself.

Because of this, you can find at least some plot in 10 hours after the start, to die easy, to find the way anywhere is extremely difficult, and during the whole passing, you are tormented by exactly three questions: “Where to go?”, “What to do?” and “Where is even one spear?

At some point, you find your way to the different creatures and learn the purpose of the items, and then there comes the nirvana and understanding of the game. This understanding, however, may go after you’ve passed.

Hammerfight and Highfleet

We decided to write about both games at once because Highfleet is the logical continuation of Hammerfight.

The first game is about Arabian post-apocalypse and fights in small steam helicopters; the second game is about Arabian pre-apocalypse and fights in giant diesel helicopters with nuclear bombs.

Both games are based on complex physical models so that you can feel the flying machines’ weight and inertia. Hammerfight is based on this theme: you need to spin your helicopter with a chain attached to a massive boulder to hit another aircraft, so it correctly crashes into the wall.

Highfleet is much more tactical; you can play it without any battles on the ships but draw lines on the map for 10 hours, decode radio conversations and then throw missiles at everyone.

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