‘Nothing wrong if my wife uses sex toys to make herself happy’ – Daniel K. Daniel

‘Nothing wrong if my wife uses sex toys to make herself happy’ – Daniel K. Daniel

Daniel K. Daniel (DKD), an actor in Nollywood, has been giddy since being chosen to join the Academy of Motion Pictures Arts and Sciences (OSCARS).

The actor, who was born in Enugu, recently traveled back to his own country after studying acting and directing in the United States and filming a few movies there.

The fine boy actor discussed his love life, dealing with being a married actor, and other topics in a recent interview.

In response to the most bizarre thing a female admirer or fan has done to him, Daniel replied,

“Too many; from jumping on me in public to grabbing my ass, and some have even stolen kisses/pecks sometimes. Airports and malls are normally the craziest places when it comes to fan love. I never see any as crazy because they all come from a place of love, and I appreciate every single one of my fans. Without them, there is no me.”

Despite the fact that marriages, especially in Nollywood keep breaking up, rumour also had it that the seasoned actor has a baby mama.

He clears the air, “I don’t do baby mamas. I am happily married with kids. I have no problem with divorce. If two adults, who conscientiously agreed to be together decide that they don’t want to be together anymore, it is only right that they go their separate ways instead of living in toxicity.”