Prostitute Caught After Stealing Man’s Diamond Ear Rings, Gold Chain And Passport (Video)

A prostitute who stole a man’s diamond ear rings, gold chain and passport has been caught after much searching and persuasion.

In the video that has gone viral, the man said he carried the lady who charged him N40,000 and that he paid her N50,000 out of his benevolence.

The Yoruba man expressed his displeasure at the fact that he couldn’t find his passport, diamond ear rings and gold chain.

He said he was shocked when in the morning after they had finished playing that he couldn’t find his items.

While he searched the room with his friend videoing the whole scene the prostitute kept on denying that she didn’t take anything.

The lady denied for long but after much interrogation, she surrendered his items which she had hidden in her bag and her body.