90% of Nigerians have benefitted from corruption – Skit maker, Craze Clown alleges

A significant portion of the populace, according to comedian Emmanuel Iwueke, often known by his stage name Craze Clown, benefits from corruption.

In a message on his verified Twitter page, he made this claim and acknowledged that he was one of those who had been favored by dishonest methods.

The fact that such activities are witnessed by every aspect of society, in the author’s opinion, demonstrates how far corruption has permeated society.

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Craze Clown said that 80 to 90 percent of the Nigerian population have benefited in one way or another in the course of their everyday lives.

He gave instances such as paying money to gain admission into school or to gain entry into certain places as well as giving cash so that one can be allowed to skip long queues either at filling stations or banks and other places.

Craze Clown tweeted; ‘‘Almost 80-90% of the citizens have benefitted from corruption one way or the other? Even unknowingly. Either by paying to skip long queues or paying to get admission? The list goes on! Shows you how much corruption has eaten deep into the system. It’s really bad. I’m guilty.”