Alex Ekubo Reveals Why Is Hard To Save Money In Nigeria As He Laments Over Entitlement

Nigeria actor Alex Ekubo has revealed why it’s hard to save money in Nigeria as he laments over the entitlement issue in Nigeria that allows anyone to call you for money.

If only you working in your family, every single family member is entitled to your money as they can call you any day for financial support and that’s what Alex Ekubo is lamenting, saying it makes it hard to save with such a situation in Nigeria.

Sharing an example, Alex Ekubo said you will be there minding your business and thinking about your life then the next thing you will see is a text message telling you how your grandmother has swallowed something and needs to be operated on so you’re expected to send money for the operation.

The example Alex Ekubo gave is a hilarious one but a serious matter most people are facing especially those who happen to be the breadwinners of their family, every single burden is shifted to them to carry.