Let’s Normalize Talking About Sex With Our Parents – Eva Alordiah To African Youths

Rapper Eva Alordiah has challenged young people in Nigeria to talk openly with their parents about s3kz, and most people agree with her that we all lack this skill.

However, Eva Alordiah has advised us to normalize talking to our parents about that as Africans since that helps a lot. In most African families, it is taboo for a young person to chat s3kz with his or her parent since that youngster is considered as being spoilt.

Talking about that home helps the young ones not to do things they’re not supposed to do since they have been educated at home and we believe that is what Eva Alordiah is trying to draw our attention to looking at how kids of today are handling s3kz education.

This fan did not think things through carefully before making that comment as he received a response he never expected from the rapper on Instagram.

Eva Alordiah replied to the fan, saying that the light within her is beaming so bright that the troll cannot take it, hence is basing on his trauma to subject her to his harsh criticism on social media.

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