Did you give her the husband? – Anita Joseph replies Obieze for advising Mercy Chinwo not to show off her marriage

Anita Joseph, a Mercy Chinwo fan and media personality from Nigeria, responded to Obieze CIDP on social media.

She remembers Obieze telling the newlywed gospel singer not to brag about the gifts her husband had just given her, like a car, earlier.

Singer Mercy Chinwos white wedding

The worried fan pushed her to concentrate more on her spiritual goal as an artist. Obieze was rebuked by Anita for having the gall to counsel Mercy Chinwo, a married woman, on marriage while she was still single.

Anita asserted that Obieze has no right to advise Mercy Chinwo, asserting that she has a right to happiness and a right to express that happiness, and that she is speaking on behalf of other married women.

The actress continued by inquiring as to Obieze’s involvement in the marriage of Mercy Chinwo, claiming that it was her idleness that had caused her to take the time to write all of the things she wrote.