Korra Obidi displays pregnancy confirmation, few months after breaking up with hubby

Controversial Nigerian dancer, Korra Obidi post shocking picture of a positive pregnancy test result online.

Few months after her divorce with her white husband, it’s weird that the mother of two could become pregnant again and in quick succession.

Korra Obidi, whose last born is just 5 months old and hasn’t yet stabled his feet for walking, is about to become a senior brother.

Korra Obidi last month confessed that her kids were taken away from her amidst the divorce process with her husband Justin, claimed she suffered from their absence and has adviced pending single mums not to get divorced but be separated from their estranged spouse.

The newly disclosed pregnancy is some sort of worry to the online community, as they ponder on who could be responsible.

Could it have been her estranged husband, Justin, keeping in touch with her or an unidentified man is secretly dating.

Time itself will reveal the truth. Screenshot 20220928 214731