“We Started Nollycasting For Anyone Who Wants Be in Nollywood” – Stephanie Linus

Celebrated Nollywood star Stephanie Linus who is currently in the United States of America said she started her popular casting website, Nollycasting first to open doors for anyone who wants to become a successful actor and actress in Nollywood and also act in international movies.

“So anyone who wants to make it in acting like me, can have direct access to me and other top actors and directors in Nollywood without falling into the wrong hands of charlatans in the Nigerian film industry. And Nollycasting has been attracting casting directors from Hollywood and other film industries like Sky Italia came to Nollycasting for a young upcoming actress in Nollywood Onyinye and she went to Rome to act in a big crime thriller.”16194125 images18 jpeg jpeg912c27819aadbc2c3d96c8f4139bd1af

The young Nollywood actress, Onyinye Odokoro said:

“i had registered on Nolly Casting. I have been registered on there for like two years and had done two short films for Stephanie Linus, for her gender-based violence initiative. I think she took notice of me from those shoots. And according to the casting director of the Sky Original Unwanted. She said they were looking for original African actors, so she googled and came upon the Nolly Casting website and she sent an email to Stephanie. Stephanie put it on the website but sent it to me personally. She told me to do the audition and send it back to her. And so I did the audition. I was actually on the set of Dilemma when I got the call to do the audition. I did the audition and sent it to her and a few weeks later, I got a call from Stephanie and she told me I had gotten the job. That was it. Next thing I knew I was applying for Visa. I was going to Rome and I was shooting on this very big project. And it was exciting. Yeah.”

Stephanie Linus, who is a multiple award winning actor, model, brand ambassador and director, starring in movies and TV series in Nollywood and Hollywood and TV commercials such as in the popular GREE air conditioner advert said there are on going casting calls for roles in new movies, TV series and modelling in Lagos London, Paris and other cities in the world.

Nollycasting is open to all actors and models of all ages and races worldwide for new and old actors and models including roles for established actors