10 Tech Roles that are in high demand in Nigeria

10 Tech Roles that are in high demand in Nigeria

Have you ever wondered which tech skills are in high demand in Nigeria? If yes, keep reading because we are here to help you out. To assist you in deciding on your tech career, we will discuss in detail the ten tech roles in high demand in Nigeria.

What are tech skills?

As we all know, tech skills are very lucrative presently. Organizations are rapidly hiring tech specialists, and salaries are competitive as the digital environment continues to develop and the world’s reliance on technology grows.

In an ever-evolving digital landscape, businesses are in increasing need of help to provide for their customers’ needs.

If you’re starting in the industry, choosing a skill that will keep you relevant is essential.

Now, whether you want to improve your current skill or make a career change, feel free to choose from any of the skills listed in this blog post. 

The great thing about this list is that it contains both coding-related and non-coding abilities, making it accessible to everyone interested in learning more.

 Let’s take a look at the ten tech roles that are in high demand in Nigeria.

Data Science

Currently, data science is one of the most lucrative specializations in the IT sector; 

That’s why we have included it in our list of the ten tech roles in high demand in Nigeria.

You know, companies collect massive volumes of data, the value of which can be enormous if interpreted correctly by a skilled Data scientist. So, companies worldwide seek qualified data scientists to fill open positions.

Data science is an in-demand field since there need to be more qualified people to fill the open positions in the modern digital economy.


Cybersecurity is another tech role that is in high demand in Nigeria. One specializing in this field is often called a Cybersecurity Engineer or a computer security Engineer.

In the information technology field, a cybersecurity Engineer helps ensure the safety of systems, networks, and information.

Technical expertise in architectural and design principles, programming, web and application security, and cloud technologies are necessary for this particular tech skill. The truth is this sector is expanding as day breaks. Not just that, but it is also lucrative.

Digital Marketing

The term “digital marketing” refers to a superset of abilities in the marketing industry. A digital marketing manager or marketer has extensive experience with content marketing, content strategy, search engine optimization, copywriting, and email marketing. 

The truth is marketers in the digital age do what traditional marketers do, with the bonus of using social media to reach potential customers.

Besides managing the company’s social media, email marketing campaigns, search engine optimization (SEO), and pay-per-click (PPC), digital marketers are responsible for creating and implementing all marketing strategies.

Software Engineering 

Software Engineering is the fourth on our list of the ten tech roles in high demand in Nigeria.

 If you need to find out who a software engineer is, do not worry because it will be discussed right away. A software engineer is a computer expert who applies the knowledge of technical principles and code to create software platforms and solutions, design computer games, and manage the backend of the internet.

 Software Engineers are responsible for troubleshooting and fixing any issues that arise with software or apps and finding solutions that are compatible with modern computing systems.

 Those who work as Software Engineers also create and manage complex computer programs and systems.

Cloud Engineering 

Cloud engineering is one of the most profitable tech skills in Nigeria. Cloud Engineering involves planning, designing, implementing, managing, and maintaining cloud-based systems and applications. One who does all of these is called a Cloud Engineer.

 A Cloud Engineer is responsible for storing data in the cloud and implementing reliable disaster recovery strategies.

 To succeed in this tech skill, you need in-depth knowledge of software engineering, scripting languages, and IT architecture.

 Solid familiarity with one of the leading cloud service providers is crucial, including Microsoft Azure, Amazon Web Services (AWS), and Google Cloud Platform.

Web Developing 

As early said, the entire globe is transitioning from traditional to digital. So many individuals now have access to the internet, and many businesses prefer online sales. A website is a huge time saver for businesses, and a Web Developer is responsible for making these sites a reality.

 To build a website that is both optimized and accessible, both large and small businesses need the help of a web developer. In case you never knew, business owners highly sort web developers and are well paid.

IT Programme Management 

IT Programme Management is another lucrative tech skill. It involves planning and coordinating all operations of a company’s information system. One who takes care of all these is an IT Manager.

 The responsibilities an IT manager bears are extensive. In addition to overseeing all information-related projects within the company, he or she manages its IT infrastructure. 

 IT Programme Management is not just a tech skill. Still, it’s in high demand, and the salary of an IT Programme Manager is handsome.

Blockchain Engineering

Blockchain Engineering is another excellent tech skill you can learn. 

 A blockchain Engineer can do everything from planning and building to analyzing and supporting a blockchain’s distributed network. They have to be competent in handling particular blockchain-based business models.

Another responsibility of a blockchain Engineer is building programs that can be used on various blockchain platforms. They are responsible for all blockchain projects’ front and back ends, including their design, development, and maintenance.

Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence is another tech skill you will always be proud to acquire. Artificial intelligence specialists are highly sought after and are responsible for developing, overseeing, and maintaining an organization’s AI projects. Strong mathematical and statistical skills are very pertinent if you intern to learn more about these skills.

Artificial intelligence specialists are also responsible for planning, developing, deploying, and operating the whole gamut of the machine learning (ML) and AI process. 

They can work with data scientists, developers, and engineers to create a scalable AI architecture for the entire business.

As you can see, the responsibilities of an artificial intelligence specialist are numerous. This makes artificial intelligence one of the 10 tech roles that are in high demand in Nigeria.

Graphic Designing

Graphic designing is the tenth on our list of the ten tech roles in high demand in Nigeria. Graphic designing involves making anything look good by manipulating pictures or other visuals. 

A graphic designer organizes and projects ideas and experiences using visuals. As we all know, it’s common practice for businesses to employ graphic designers to create promotional materials.

Graphic design is a tech skill that is both lucrative and in demand.

From the list above, you can see that these tech skills are not just in demand but are seriously lucrative.

 And we have saved you the stress of thinking about an excellent tech skill for yourself. Just pick any of the above-listed tech skills to get started. 

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