8 Ways To Enjoy the Mediterranean From the Water

8 Ways To Enjoy the Mediterranean From the Water
Aerial view of the beautiful city of Chania with it's old harbor and the famous lighthouse, Crete, Greece.

The Mediterranean is a wonderful region of the world to visit for many reasons. With many activities to enjoy and sights to see, the nearby ocean at popular destinations is a top interest point for many travelers. Plus, the weather is frequently amazing. One of the best parts about spending time in the water while you are on your Mediterranean adventure is the fact that there are so many ways to do it. If you need some inspiration, check out this list.

  1. Relax on a Cruise

Prioritizing relaxation on vacation is important. If you really want to relax but also enjoy many of the perks of Mediterranean travel, you could book a Greece cruise and enjoy a full itinerary of activities at your own leisure. In addition to Greece, you could also consider a cruise to Spain, Morocco, Italy or any number of other coastal countries in the region.

  1. Try Kitesurfing

For something a little more hands-on with the water, you could try kitesurfing while you stay at a hotel or rental along one of the many Mediterranean beaches. With kitesurfing, you probably want to purchase the necessary equipment before your trip and pack it securely ahead of time. Make sure the area you choose to kitesurf allows such activities and watch out for swimmers and children.

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3. Go Sailing

Going back to the thought of relaxation, sailing can be an peaceful way to get close to the ocean and experience amazing views, especially sunrises and sunsets. Along the Mediterranean, there numerous beaches to start from. Some of best Mediterranean sailing destinations include the Balearic Islands, Sardinia, Sicily and the Amalfi Coast. Both the French and Turkish rivieras are also great sailing locations where you can experience long stretches of coastline and breathtaking sights.

4. Go Scuba Diving

To see the coral reefs, shipwrecks and underwater caves that filled the underwater parts of the Mediterranean, scuba diving can be a fun, athletic and exciting activity. When you go, make sure you have the proper training and equipment, or go with a professional trainer. Taking underwater pictures while scuba diving can be especially fun, so consider taking a waterproof camera with you.

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5. Canoe or Kayak the Adriatic Sea

Considered one of the top canoe and kayak destinations in the world by many kayakers, the Adriatic Sea offers magnificent ancient harbors and gorgeous coastlines along Croatia and Montenegro. Other favorite locations for canoeing and kayaking include:

  • The Greek Islands
  • Sardinia
  • Turkey
  • Morocco

To safely bring along essential items such as your phone, keys or camera, invest in a floating waterproof storage box that you can tie to the inside of your kayak or canoe. Additionally, make sure to follow local laws and be respectful of other kayakers.


  1. Go Swimming

With so much coastline and so many beaches, going to the Mediterranean and not going swimming is highly unlikely. However, you may not know where to go due to having so many choices. If you want to check out some of the most popular swimming destinations, you could try the Egremni Beach in Greece, the Monterosso Beach in Italy, the Zlatni Rat in Croatia or the Playa de la Concha in Spain. Make sure to pack your swimsuit and a pair of durable goggles.

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  1. Try Paddle Boarding

The Mediterranean may not be the first place that comes to mind for surfing, but you could definitely try paddle boarding in many locations while you are there. Because paddle boarding does not require good waves to be fun, you will have way more chances to try it than surfing.

However, if you like surfing, paddle board can also be a nice alternative because it falls somewhere between surfing and kayaking. For your first time trying out the sport and learning how to paddle board, Italy can be an excellent destination.

If you love spending time in and around the ocean, the Mediterranean can be a fantastic traveling destination. Trying water-related activities such as these can add a new level of fun to your adventure.


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