“Its obvious you like wahala, Rosy is pushing you” Reactions as Olakunle Churchill leaks voice note between Tonto Dikeh and her ex-boyfriend, Kpokpogri

Netizens have slammed businessman Olakunle Churchill in the comments section. This comes after he shared an audio recording of his ex-wife, Tonto Dikeh, and her ex-boyfriend, Kpokpogri.

Tonto Dikeh was heard pleading with her ex not to give Churchill access to his son in the voice note.

Tonto Dikeh begged him in tears to look after their son if she died unexpectedly.

Netizens drag Olakunle Churchill

While many refuse to take sides, they didn’t fail to drag Churchill for blackmailing Tonto Dikeh with a voice note from her past. Read reactions below;

oly_tabrics wrote: “Hmmm…. This is going to be messy, it might not be easy like before. Churchill now have a woman in life and he must respond, Tonto watch ur back”.

_elly235 wrote: “Mumu man what have u be doing before she said this”

officialtessydiamond wrote: “This is an old voicenote abegie. It was for kpokpogarri”

duchess_daisy wrote: “Why are you playing this on your page?!! really had respect for you but now I will just unfollow you haba! You broke her into pieces and that’s why she is looking for love in the wrong places”

princess_amyjenny wrote: “She only wanted to use her child to get that mans heart… olakunle take care of ur responsibility”

lady_j_cute_collections wrote: “This is ur wife handwork too bad”

jennydove45 wrote: “Nah down go down with her. Silence is always better”.

zinnykiddiestore wrote: “This shouldn’t be coming from you at all.”

iamyvonne_godwin wrote: “You are not in the boy’s life so if she ask another person she feel she can trust the boy with then, to help her take care of her son, I see nothing bad in it. If you really want that boy then take her to court.”

adedolapo013 wrote: “Soooooo??? It’s for her child must you post”

Asamaramma wrote: “You could have just kept quite than upload this VN. This validates what she posted”.

Hiikay wrote: “Bros you done lose guard… you done pass some kind levels”.

Anicrusier wrote: “Na old cry be this she has gone pass this stage. What is ur responsibility now towards the boy? Take care of ur responsibility”

Lamyemmie wrote: “You really hurt this woman, jeez God will judge”.

nyims wireles wrote: “Even in her dying state she still resents you,says a lot, you must have hurt her deeply sha(I no Dey support anybody..o)”

Uwacandy1 wrote: “This message wasn’t to u Oga, na kpokpogri she sent am to and say Incase she dies, kpo’s should tk care of her son, why u dey mk am look lik say na u she dey beg”

jennythrills wrote: “Make una rest every year una go carry una drama come matter wey we don settle since the pikin be 2yrsx”

frekeofficial wrote: “Churchill you self you are a nuisance yourself is obvious u can’t avoid wahala as a real man, who ever is lying to you and Tonto to keep disgracing yourselves is not doing you no good,if I was your children I will be so ashamed to tell people you were my parent when I grow up because of how messy you two are,coming on social media to be shamelessly exposing yourselves, when he grows up and start using social media I hope you all have a better explanation to give him,because he is innocent in this fight yet you two made him look like he is a mistake,Godforbid you two”

kmt_boss wrote: “I sha knw Tonto to be full of deceit.. This same cry she cried for Kpopogri”

Alaebondididamaka wrote: “That voice note na for kpokpogarri just stop man”.

Nwanonyi wrote: “You’re soooooooooooo shameless and to be frank I don’t think you are ok upstairs!!!! Na kpokpogri matter you wan come chase clout with Onye apari!!!

Therealpropertiffany wrote: “Even from what you posted,all I can see is an heart broken mother…who’s is tired…she’s doing all these cause of her child….she might not be crying for herself but for her child…no child deserves this”

Ozi_odiaka wrote: “chuchil hope you are okay now? I don’t need all of dis”

mohjisolaaa wrote: “To post this sef shows how shallow ur brain is… is she even suppose to be begging you to take care of ur own son?? And u still have the gut to post this thinking u are shaming her Omo who raised you sir?? Am speechless”

slimkiki wrote: “This is not Churchill’s hand work na Aunty Rosa de do this one

Annrugie wrote: “This is one toxic guy… You moved on with life…well.. good for you…now can you let her be…She will move on at her own pace….

Holamide wrote: “Omo I tink u be man before, na today I no say churchhill na woman”

Iamefya wrote: Well for a woman to have to beg another man to rather stand in as her child’s father instead of the biological father, you must really be terrible at your job as a father then… you think this makes you look good?

Iam_juliete wrote: “But she said this last year na out of frustration…….have u been there and she said this….no na tonto has a kind heart”

Fruity First wrote“Shebi this man is married to rosy and name is own child king con de call tonto pikin price like bruh can’t u leave Andre dikeh and focus on ur family? The side chick u marry out for house u are happy with her even have son leave tonto child alone men sha are so so wicked tooorh even rosy is with her son she had with another man sooo??”

Queenosky wrote: “This was during kpokpogiri saga,give us another proof abeg

chincobabe wrote: “I use to respect this man before until this happened…. Set awon baby politician Oko Nkechi…. You just won an award for posting this Oya come and take … smhhhhh”

James wrote“I hear say you get another pikin from your first ex wife, but y u no dey post that one.”

kyen piya wrote: “You should be ashmed of sharing this. Both of you should get Ist. It’s so unfortunate that you two are parents. Very s*elfish adults that don’t weigh the consequences of their actions on their kids. You two don’t deserve the kids in your lives”

chizzyunusual wrote: “No wond*r you are in ur 3rd marriage now.. only God knows what @rosymeurer is going through but will be covering up and be [email protected] everything on social mediax”

neltombamala wrote: “You can imagine, yet she is the one blabbing. Ignore all these feminist attacking you and the fake profiles here. Keep dropping receipts. Is important for clarity”

Elly wrote: “Post the evidence of u making attempt of visiting the boy and she stopped u”

Eberejacyekemezie wrote: “Such a bad behavior Churchill”

realchychy2 wrote: “She is a heart broken mum u know. This post is a no no for me.”

Henrietta Onyechi wrote: “Oga church, i will do the same if i am in her shoes… I rather beg my boyfriend to take care of my child than you come close to me or my child. Onye uwa! Mtchewwww!”

MJ wrote: “This voice note doesn’t prove anything sir,she clearly said her heart was tired and yes she said it again today with her full chest that her son won’t need anything from you.I don’t understand what this post is suppose to prove,please just delete it.”

Gladcollection wrote: “MUMU MAN, this is the is the main reason why you can never see ur son, you’re so pained, and for sure you will have yourself to blame for real… Churchill you have a daughter before kind Andre, have you ever posted her ?? NO honesty you are the one looking for public sympathy.. because if Truly you care about your children why don’t you post your first daughter?? this is your third marriage!!! You must be the problem…. WORK ON YOURSELF & STOP LOOKING FOR PUBLIC SYMPATHY.”

Mercy Namutowe wrote: “You know she won’t like this now get ready for her clap back you just awoke a sleeping lionesses”

Francisca aleke wrote: “Why post such vulnerable state of her online that’s so low we are all humans and at some point we break down this is so low of you as a father and a man gosh if only we get to see such mean and evil sides of people before ever marrying them much less having kids”

Duchess Daisy wrote: “Why are you playing this on your page?! | really had respect for you but now I will just unfollow you haba! You broke her into pieces and that’s why she is looking for love in the wrong places”

Princess Amyjenny wrote: “She only wanted to use her child to get that mans heart… olakunle take care of ur responsibility”

J cute Collections wrote: “This is ur wife handwork too bad”

Patty Divaworld wrote: “Every strong woman has their breaking point. If u were a good father, why will she beg another man to take care of your son for u?? She acknowledge you as the father, she try sef U made dz woman look like a demon while under ur roof alleging u were going out with your P. A den, everybody fought her just for your sake and then boooom u and the p a u deny got married @olakunlechurchill Tonto’s pain is coming from a place of continuous betrayal.

Penlopewansa wrote: “The problem is that these actors think that life is a movie.. how can you attempt suicide and ask a stranger to keep your child and keep him away from his father? A stranger who hurts you, how do you think he will protect or take care of your child???

Tonto Dikeh tags Olakunle Churchill deadbeat father

Hours ago, Tonto Dikeh took to her Instagram page to react to her ex-husband’s birthday post to their son, King Andre. She slammed him for only acknowledging his son on his birthday.

She noted how Churchill and his family claimed they won a court case on child custody but they decided to leave the child for her.

Tonto revealed that she won the child custody battle with him and was given full custody of their son, hence, Olakunle Churchill’s anger.

She added that Churchill was ordered to pay for their son’s CS fees, but paid 4month’s fees because he had told the Court he was broke.

Tonto Dikeh revealed that she regrets having Churchill as the father of her kid as he is the worst thing that ever happened to her.

She stated that she wakes up every day apologizing to her child for having him as his father.

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