“You asked me if am Mad” BBN Doyin Drags Whitemoney, Reveals What He Actually Did When He Met Her At A Hotel

Whitemoney shares Doyin worrisome lifestyle, challenges her (Video)

BBN Doyin recently took to Instagram to drag Whitemoney by revealing what he did when he met her at a hotel in Lagos State.

She stated all of this in response to Whitemoney abusing her in a podcast with Nedu, during which he kept shouting that he did a lot of things to help Doyin after she left the Big Brother house, as well as claiming that every girl who came out of the reality show begged him to connect them with his rich friends.

According to Doyin, when she met Whitemoney at one popular hotel in Lagos, he walked up to her and told her that his manager liked her personality in the house and would like to manage her.

She told him she will think about it and give him a call later, which she eventually did.

She went on to make it clear that Whitemoney was loud and very wrong to have made it seem like he did something great for her in life which she should be eternally grateful to him for.