Anybody Who Believes That The Western World Is The Cause Of Our Problem Is Ignorant – Kingsley Moghalu

Former Deputy Governor of the Central Bank of Nigeria, Kingsley Moghalu, has criticized those who blame Western countries for Africa’s underdevelopment. Those who continue to believe that the West is the primary cause of Africa’s backwardness are either ignorant, sentimental, delusory, or all three.

Moghalu encourages Nigerians to look at Asian countries that were also colonized to see how a country can develop despite colonization. He emphasizes that the international community is a mirage and that each country is only concerned with its own national interests.

Moghalu believes that rather than blaming Western countries, Africans should take responsibility for their own development.

He claims that corrupt politicians continue to enslave Africans and that instead of blaming others, Africans should hold their leaders accountable and demand better governance. Moghalu emphasizes the importance of African nations accepting responsibility for their own development.

Moghalu’s statement is a rallying cry for Africans to seize control of their fate. He believes that blaming Western countries for Africa’s problems is misguided and detrimental to African progress.