“All I Want Is Peace Of Mind, Being Single Isn’t A Sin” Actress Basira Badia Lament

“I Don’t Joke With My Husband With Any Woman, I’ll Curse Any Woman That Comes Near Him” Basira Badia (video)

Basira Badia, a popular Yoruba film actress, recently revealed her life goals in an Instagram post. She shared the post on her Instagram account, claiming that all she wants is peace of mind and that being single is not a sin.

She also stated that if she were to find a partner, all she wants is a life partner, stating that there is nothing like being free of a toxic relationship.

The actress has managed to keep her relationship status private on social media, and her most recent post could indicate that she is single.

In the statement she made on her Instagram story, she said, “All I want is peace of mind; being single isn’t a sin.” “All I want is a life partner; nothing like being free from a toxic relationship.”