“I still do not know how to be with a man sexually” – Actress Sonia Ogiri reveals

Sonia Ogiri

In a recent interview, popular Nollywood actress Sonia Ogiri opened up about her sexual difficulties.

The actress, who is recognized for her gorgeous features and acting abilities, admitted that she still does not know how to have a sexual relationship with a man.

Speaking in an interview with a Nigerian news outlet, Ogiri stated that her conservative upbringing and religious beliefs have made it difficult for her to explore her sexuality. She also revealed that she has been in a few relationships in the past, but has never been intimate with any of her partners.

The actress added that she is not in a hurry to get involved sexually with anyone, and is focused on building her career and taking care of her son.

Ogiri’s revelations have sparked a conversation about sexuality and conservative values in Nigeria, where many young people struggle to balance their traditional upbringing with modern values.

The actress’s honesty and vulnerability have been praised by many of her fans, who have commended her for being brave enough to speak about her struggles.