“Never Be Afraid To Snatch A Good Man From A Lousy And Careless Woman” Actress, Sarah Martins

International Women’s Day: I got married as a virgin but… – Sarah Martins reflects on marriage crash

Sarah Martins, a Nollywood actress, and entrepreneur has taken to her official social media handle to share her thoughts on marriage and relationships.

She stated that women should never be afraid to take a good man away from a bad and careless woman and that a man deserves to be loved properly.

Sarah added that the same thing applies to women and that they, too, deserve to be loved properly.

The delectable actress stated that nobody is above snatching because everyone deserves to be loved right.

Her caption reads, “Never be afraid to snatch a good man from a lousy and careless woman! He deserves to be loved right. Same goes for a woman. Nobody is above snatching because everyone deserves to be loved right”.

This post triggered reactions online as social media users shared different remarks. She was heavily criticized by many, saying that she always wants to trend at every given opportunity.