“You cannot fool God, he knows us than we know ourselves” – Actor Chidi Mokeme reveals some people don’t go to church to truly worship God

Actor Chidi Mokeme opens up (Video)

Some people go to church to worship God, give thanks, and, of course, pray. However, according to popular Nollywood actor Chidi Mokeme, there are those who go there not to seek God, but to oppress others.

“Scar” as some call him these days after his fantastic performance in the movie, “Shanty Town,” disclosed this during an Instagram Live session with his fans during the week.

He noted;

“In Nigeria, there is a prayer place in every street. Every village has a church, mosque or a juju place. We have religious places everywhere but no prosperity. No money. No cash. We have lost souls moving up and down trying to fool God. You cannot fool God,” he stated.

He also said some people go to church not to worship God, but to look for what to oppress others with.

“All these people going to all these churches every day, God is listening. It’s just that He knows us more than we know ourselves. All these people are just going to church to look for what they will use to oppress their brother,” Mokeme added.