You Know Why I Practice 2 Religions? I’m Single, Incase The Lucky Man Is Muslim Or Christian”-Kudirat Ogunro

“If You Have A Job And Earn Good Money I’ll Marry You” Kudirat Ogunro Tells Men

Kudirat Ogunro, a popular Yoruba film actress, has used a new Instagram post to explain why she practices both Islam and Christianity.

She explained that she chose to practice both religions because she is single and does not know whether the lucky man who wants to marry her is a Muslim or a Christian.

She stated that she would find it quite easy to worship with her future husband if she practiced both religions.

The actress has kept her relationship status private on social media, and her recent tweet suggests she may be single.

In the statement she made on her Instagram story, she said, “You know why I practice two religions?” I’m single, in case the lucky man is Muslim or Christian, which I don’t know for now. “It will be very easy for me to worship with him.”