“My Butt Is Getting Bigger, I Don’t Have Any Man’s Problems, Life Is Great” Peju Johnson

Peju Johnson, a star of Yoruba films, used a recent Instagram post to discuss how her life has changed since being a lady without any issues with men. She shared the photo, in which she admitted that her butt was becoming bigger, on her Instagram profile.

She declared that her life was wonderful and that she didn’t deal with any troubles with guys. Her most recent tweet indicates that she is still single and that she has successfully avoided disclosing her dating status on social media.

She made it known that her life is great, saying that she does not have any men’s problems in her life. She is someone who has managed to keep her relationship status off social media, and her latest post suggests that she is still single.

In the statement she made on her Instagram page, she said, “My butt is getting bigger, I don’t have any man’s problems, life is great.”