Leading luxury brands making sense of TikTok’s influence

Leading luxury brands making sense of TikTok's influence

Does TikTok primarily serve as a platform to amplify the voices of those who often go unheard, or does it function as a conduit for anyone eager to join a cohesive social media-driven community? If luxury brands were to seize the opportunity to leverage the potential of this platform, how could they do so effectively?

As leading brands have learned how to better transmit their message to an ever-expanding audience, TikTok, a revolutionizing platform with over 80 monthly active users in the U.S. only, has become an official ally of luxury and fashion top-rated houses.

Reputed brands like the following have meticulously unlayered the complexities of the platform and created movements and trends that formed and solidified communities sharing the same passion or helped novices get on board and make sense of fashion.

The platform’s power to propel businesses and bond customers with their favorite brands is unparalleled, as you’ll see.

Here are several of the most noteworthy and famous luxury brands that successfully took to TikTok and how they cracked the ubiquitous platform. Let’s see how they’ve taken to the platform and what movements they have inspired to date!


Leveraging the prowess of TikTok’s algorithm to keep ahead of the competition and breathe fresh air into a brand’s image is something that sooner or later would have happened, as the platform’s initial intentions were to serve as a means of empowering the average internaut and businesses gather online popularity.

Gucci, the Florence-based Italian luxury fashion powerhouse with a brand value of more than 37.9bn USD and one of the reigning ten most valuable high-end companies in 2022, is one of the pioneering names starting to use TikTok for brand popularity improvement.

The famous brand also took advantage of a now well-known movement known as the organic #guccimodelchallenge, which encouraged TikTokers to wear and display the house’s style with already-purchased items.

The company’s runaway shows, catwalk sippets, and influencer marketing inspired the following craze, with a bubble yet to burst out. Moreover, one of the most impactful campaigns is marked by the collaboration with The North face, the outdoor recreation items company, featuring Francis Bourgeois as the campaign’s poster face. 

The giant’s marketing efforts are mirrored in the whooping 3.4 million followers boasted on the platform, making it one of the most monitored luxury content creators. Companies seeking a competitive advantage can take an example from this company as it has achieved impressive success and is setting a precedent for the upcoming movements following in its footsteps.


With its inspiring marketing and outstanding aesthetic, the French global luxury heavyweight Dior has left its mark on the popular platform with influencer partnerships, celebrity endorsements, exclusive advertisements, and collection snippets. This brand stands out as one of the boldest worldwide, as they took a leap of faith and embraced TikTok during the peak of the pandemic’s unfolding.

This courageous endeavor has paved the way for countless other brands that have chosen to follow suit and inspired multiple future-oriented enterprises and individuals now looking to buy TikTok likes to broaden their reach and engage with a broader audience. This undertaking has set in motion a chain reaction of growing followers over time, which ultimately aids the platform’s users as they get more content related to their fashion interests.

With over 124.3K followers and an average of 24.5M likes/posts, Dior leads in terms of user engagement on the platform and represents one of the most prominent names to receive such a level of international attention. The brand started its journey by taking up its SS21 fashion show and sharing the event live, hopping on the bandwagon with Saint Laurent and Louis Vuitton and pushing London, NY, Paris, and Milan Fashion Week to adopt a different stance.

Louis Vuitton

With a follower base that has exceeded 10M and an average of 24.2K views per post making the brand the most followed one on the platform, Louis Vuitton tells a different story compared to its contenders.

They pay utmost attention to the fine details and plots in the videos exposed to the world, disinhibiting content ranging from behind-the-scenes to live sessions. Simply put, the brand knows how to tackle “word-of-mouth” marketing.  

The powerhouse invests in and seizes numerous opportunities, like influencer and celebrity collaborations and paid campaigns. Rihanna made headlines when she was featured in the first Louis-Vuitton-stamped campaign of Pharrell Williams in June of the current year, wearing a bold leather jacket and fiery red LV bag.

Louis Vuitton’s success doesn’t only lie in its start-studded list of collaborations, but also in its approach to TikTok content and the craze surrounding it. Other names that fueled the brand’s notoriety on the social media platform are Ema Stone, Adam Levine, the Beckhams, and Jackie Kennedy, and the list doesn’t end here.  


High-end Italian luxury brand Moncler is another fashion content creator who wasn’t afraid to take risks and started a challenge that caught up and quickly became viral – the #MonclerBubbleUp. Just like Gucci’s strategy, the movement motivated enthusiasts to replicate outfits, but this time, featuring the brand’s staple padded coat and other items already found in creators’ wardrobes, like fluffy robes or sleeping bags.

The fact that the videos ought to be accompanied by a specific song, namely Bubble by 24hrs in collab with Ty Dolla $ign, gave a touch of personalization and uniqueness to the whole trend and made videos easily recognizable, making those hearing the rhythm of the musical piece recall the brand’s content. This undertaking has made the brand popular among Gen Z, a category long-eyed by the company.

Utilizing a catchy and addictive song as part of the brand’s marketing campaign is a proven and cost-effective technique to boost their visibility and impact.  

Last words

In digital marketing, influencer-generated content is one of the most potent assets in a brand’s toolkit, serving as the primary driver of Media Impact Value (MIV). Brands like Valentino, Burberry, UGG, Vans, Converse, Nike, and many others also tap into TikTok, each employing unique strategies to harness its vast influence. 

TikTok’s potential and notoriety are going nowhere soon and represent stiff competition for its behemoth Instagram and YouTube, so the high-end brands that haven’t yet flocked to it are likely to do so sooner rather than later. Keep an eye on the upcoming trends and movements to stay connected with the fast-evolving world of social media, luxury, and fashion.

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