Egg Freezing: Understanding Your Fertility And Your Future

Understanding Your Fertility And Your Future

Wondering whether pregnancy can be delayed safely? Learn all about egg freezing, how it can help preserve your fertility, and help you delay pregnancy until you are ready.

Many women prefer having children later in life for personal, medical, or professional reasons.

To delay pregnancy, many have turned to a medically safe procedure known as “egg freezing.” Egg freezing in Singapore gives women the best chance of conceiving when they are ready by extracting their eggs and cryogenically preserving them for future use.

To help you get acquainted with egg freezing, we’ve created a brief overview of the process. Read on to learn all about it and when to consider opting for the procedure.

An Introduction To Egg Freezing

Egg freezing is a procedure that is enabled through Assisted Reproductive Technology (ART) and is known in the medical world as “oocyte cryopreservation.” The primary goal of egg freezing is to preserve the extracted eggs for future use.

This involves medications that stimulate the growth of eggs, which are then extracted from the ovaries and preserved cryogenically. When the person undergoing the procedure is ready, the eggs are thawed and combined with sperm to create an embryo. The embryo is then implanted into the uterus through a process known as the embryo transfer cycle.

Egg freezing is also used for egg donations, where the donor provides eggs for a recipient to use while the latter undergoes fertility treatments. The only thing that differs between these two uses of egg freezing is the recipient of the eggs.

Note that egg freezing has a lower chance of conception than fresh eggs, but it offers higher chances for women who have entered menopause.

When To Consider Egg Freezing?

You may consider egg freezing if you:

  • Need to delay pregnancy
  • Preserve your fertility
  • Wish to donate eggs

In the modern age, delaying pregnancy while in pursuit of a career or other personal reasons has become quite common. This is particularly true for those who feel that it is too early for them to be ready for a child. In such cases, egg freezing can improve their chances of having a child successfully.

Other reasons include medical ones, where women undergoing treatments that severely impact their fertility may choose to freeze their eggs until the treatments finish. Cancer patients, patients of polycystic ovarian syndrome, or endometriosis may consider egg freezing to avoid losing their fertility prematurely.

Additionally, people thinking of gender transitioning may consider freezing eggs before starting hormone therapy or transition surgery to preserve their fertility.

Final Thoughts

Egg freezing is a safe and effective way of delaying pregnancy until the person undergoing the procedure is ready to conceive. The success rate of conception through frozen eggs has only risen in the last few years, and it will continue to do so.

And while frozen eggs don’t guarantee pregnancy, having a child later in life is a feasible prospect. It makes the process a monumental step forward in women’s reproductive choice, allowing them to choose when they wish to become a parent.

At the end of the day, if you need to delay pregnancy for any reason, egg freezing is a reliable way of doing so.

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