Avoiding Mistakes When Choosing Games to Play with First Deposit Bonuses

Avoiding Mistakes When Choosing Games to Play with First Deposit Bonuses

These days in a world dominated by online gambling, betting shops are constantly competing for new clients, where in addition to the rich offer of games, modern designs, and technology that drives the games, bookmakers also offer various bonuses to attract new players.

Although those bonuses seem very tempting at first, players often make hasty decisions that result in common mistakes. Therefore, in this article, we bring you an insight into one of the most popular forms of bonuses called first deposit bonuses, which will help you make more informed decisions, stay clear of common pitfalls, and have a better overall gaming experience. 

Understanding Bonuses

Bonuses are a creative way for bookmakers to attract new clients, but also to retain old ones. Many online casinos offer attractive promotions and special offers to their players. Bonuses are certainly one of the strongest marketing weapons with which the bookmaker tries to gain the trust of the players, and this especially applies to different Types of First Deposit Bonuses.

First deposit bonuses can vary, but most often correspond to a percentage of your initial deposit and thus promise you additional funds at the beginning of your online gambling experience. This type of reward can significantly increase the player’s bankroll, but even in case of inadequate understanding of the conditions for obtaining this bonus, they can have the opposite effect.

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Strategic Selection of Games with First Deposit Bonuses

Although we call them games of chance, online gambling is an activity where a strategic approach is key to success, even in choosing games to play with first deposit bonuses. Below you can read some of the key factors that should be taken into account when making this choice:

  • Game contribution rates – Different games mean different contribution rates and slot games are known to be leaders in this aspect. in most cases, if we do not count progressive slots, slots have a contribution of 100%, while the percentage for table games does not exceed 20% of each bet.
  • Betting requirements – Reading the terms and conditions can never be understated, especially when it comes to casino bonuses. In these instructions, you will find all the information about the bonus that you want to use, thereby increasing the chances of success and potentially cashing out your winnings.
  • Volatility of games – will tell you how often the game you have chosen triggers a win and the most frequent size of that win. That is, games with a high rate of volatility will pay out larger winnings in a wider range, while those with a lower rate will pay out quick but smaller winnings. Therefore, it is important to decide what is more important for you and what will contribute to the overall gaming experience.
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Avoiding Risks

The biggest mistake players make when choosing and using a first deposit bonus is hasty decisions, so our first advice is to be careful and calm. High-risk games often promise higher payouts, which often results in high initial stakes for players, but also a greater possibility of losing the first deposit. Below we bring you two tips on how you can speed up and extend your gaming experience and saturate your bankroll:


  • Money management –  The most important thing before you start your online gambling adventure is to set a budget that resonates with your financial capabilities and stick to it. Responsible gambling is the best way to make gambling a pleasant experience, and responsible budget management is the beginning of that experience.
  • Research and experience – Reading reviews on specialized portals where experts reveal everything about the quality and types of bonuses, will provide you with the necessary knowledge when choosing an online casino where you will find ideal games with first deposit bonuses. Also, personal experience gained in lower-risk games will help you to make more informed and strategic decisions when choosing higher-risk games.
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Maximizing Value

Apart from the fact that you can influence and prevent any mistakes when using the bonus on the first deposit, you can also extract the maximum value from these bonuses with proper strategies.

Time efficiency – is one of the main factors you need to pay attention to to get the maximum value from the first deposit bonus. Given that first deposit bonuses generally have a time limit, it is important to choose games effectively to reduce the risk that the bonus will expire before you use it.

Game Variety Before you begin playing, it is crucial to explore a rich selection of games as this research will help you to discover games that you enjoy, for which you have prior knowledge, so you will not lose your first deposit on something that does not suit you.

Ultimately, we may question if it is worthwhile to pursue first deposit bonuses, given the numerous complexities and risks they carry. However, we say that bonuses are an excellent opportunity to add cash to your bankroll. If you take time to research and adhere to a few basic guidelines, bonuses will turn into an unmissable advantage.

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