5 Productivity, anti-distraction Apps for iPhone and Android

5 Productivity, anti-distraction Apps for iPhone and Android 2020

These anti-distraction apps for iPhone and Android users are what you need to be the more productive year in, year out.

Smartphones are supposed to be our pocket computers, to help us navigate through life and generally make our lives better.

While they do that most of the time, they tend to go overboard and completely take over the steering sometimes.

So how do you get over this? These 5 anti-distraction apps for iPhone and android are what you need.


Forest is a really cool anti-distraction app for iPhone and Android users. It basically helps you stay focused. This app was made with the understanding that you have a life, tasks and responsibilities outside your smartphone. So, the app helps you focus on that other (and most important) part of your life. You can do this within a set time of your choice.

5 Productivity, anti-distraction Apps for iPhone and Android (2021)
anti-distraction Apps for iPhone

Forest, as the name implies, is a virtual forest where you have the responsibility of planting the trees in it. You know a tree can’t make a forest right? So, you are expected to plant as many trees as possible.

Now, this is how the app keeps you focused. The app has to be open on your phone within the time you have set to work (plant). Leaving the app to any other app during this time kills your plant.

For instance, you want to read a book for 2 hours. You set two hours on the app and keep it open.

To further help block you from other forms of distractions, you can play the “Forest Rain” soundtrack.

The app also leaves you motivational messages to keep you going. The messages can be authoritative sometimes, it’s all for your good.

You get messages like

“go back to your work”

“leave me alone”

“stop phubbing”

“don’t look at me”

“what you plant now, you will harvest later”

Focus To-Do

This app contains a number of features that help you stay focused on your projects and tasks. It has one major interesting feature called Pomodoro timer which you use to time yourself while working. Usually for 25 minutes.

After the 25 minutes, you would then go on a break for 5 minutes before returning to begin another task. With this, you can break tasks into phases. Also, the anticipation of your break gives you the motivation to stay true to your task to the end.

The app also includes a to-do list and task management features with which you can organize schedules, and track tasks. You can even set reminders for tasks to be done.

What else? You can view your performance statistics and compare days to see how you are improving or declining.


Freedom does not exactly give you the kind of freedom you want. The app helps you concentrate on important tasks by blocking notifications from apps that may distract you. You are also able to block websites.

For obvious reasons, Instagram, Netflix, and Facebook are blocked by default on the Freedom app. You would then go-ahead to include other apps of your choice.

Upon downloading the app, click on “Start Session” from the homepage of the app to start working without distraction.


Space is another anti-distraction app for iPhone and Android users. This focus app helps you set goals for a specific period you wish to concentrate.

The app has other tools like screen dimming to make your phone less inviting, notifications blocking, and continuous reminders to keep you on track.

The app also allows you to create a unique profile for yourself depending on what distracts you the most. You can do this to get the best out of the app.


  1. Engross

This anti-distraction app for android and iOS allows you to allocate time to set goals. It has a special button with the text “Hit me when you are distracted” that shows motivational messages every time you tap it. However, the app challenges you not to always tap the button.

Engros anti-distraction app also has events, a to-do list, and schedule functions that help you become more organized.



These anti-distraction Apps for iPhone are all related but unique in their own ways. Choose the one that has features that appeal to you to most and become more productive in 2021.

At the end of the day, the bulk of the work is still with you. You will have to be determined to be focused before the apps will be able to help. Cheers!



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