How To Convert Gift Cards To Bitcoin In Nigeria Without SCAM

How To Convert Gift Cards To Bitcoin In Nigeria Without SCAM

Fancy learning how to convert Gift Cards to Bitcoin? Well, I’ve got the info right here. This is what I call a Level 2 Business; you’re not just trading your cards for money, but for Bitcoins, which is 2 trades in one (Gift Card Trading and Bitcoin Trading).

If that’s what you want to get into, and you’ve got your gift cards, let me show you how to go about it.

Getting Started on How To Convert Gift Cards To Bitcoin In Nigeria Without SCAM

As I have hinted, you’ve got to have your Gift Cards ready at hand to actually start converting them to Bitcoins.

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Don’t be intimidated by anyone, Bitcoin-Gift Card exchange is quite possible, and you can even make a lot of money if you play your cards right.

Now, the next fundamental thing you would be focusing on is the website that can support the kind of trade you want to do.

The truth is, they’re not many, which is a good thing and a bad thing.

You’d have a harder time finding a website for your Gift Card-to-iTunes trade, but the good thing is that, if you eventually find a site, chances are you would get a better service.

Because not all heroes wear a cape, I will be helping you out by recommending one of the most popular sites for your Gift Card-iTunes trade.

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The site is CoinCola, and they’re quite popular at what they do. They’re most likely the first site you’d see when you search on the web for the sites to convert Gift Cards to Bitcoins.

And they’ve got a game too. Looking at their rates myself, I don’t think it’s bad, and I think you’d be in the same school of thought once you visit the site too.

The User Interface is simple and straight to business; there is a guide too, in case you’re having difficulty navigating your way around.

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The other thing about them is that you can create new offers, become an affiliate marketer, or join their community. I think these things all add up to a better experience for you as a potential trader on that site.


If it has ever crossed your mind that you can exchange your Gift Cards for Bitcoins, you’re really thinking right; and now, you can put those thoughts to action.

Visit CoinBase or any other similar site (if you think you’re better off doing some private research), and get started on How to Convert Gift Cards to Bitcoin.

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