Get Nigerian Zip Codes Of All States in Nigeria

Get Nigerian Zip Codes Of All States in Nigeria

Every one of us have been bummed out on what to do when it comes to filling out Nigerian Zip Codes at one point or another.

Whether it is an online purchase, or a service account opening, we’re mostly asked to provide a Nigerian zip code in one of the required fields while registering.

What then is a Zip code? (believe me, it’s not clear to some of us), and how can you get Nigerian Zip codes, whenever you need it?

Well, you’ll find out in this post shortly.

What is Zip?

You would be forgiven if you think the Zip we’re talking about is the one found on dresses.

No it’s not, and it’s actually an acronym which stretches out to Zone Improvement Plan.

It is a system of postal codes that was originally used by the US postal service for the purpose of faster sorting of mail and delivery.

When they first started out, they used to be 5 digits, but from the 1980’s downward, they are 9 digits.

Here in Nigeria, we actually recognize Zip codes, but just not like the US does.

Nigeria use Zip codes for deliveries that involves deliveries from the United States Postal Service

So, it is not totally different, just a little in the way they’re being used.

Nigerian Zip codes are managed by the Nigerian Postal Service (NIPOST, if you will), and they divided them into 9 regions.

Each of the region has its own unique code that precedes its Zip codes.

Now, it is important to note that most online applications mandates that you fill out the Zip code peculiar to your region.

And most people often make the mistake of starting their Zip codes with “234”. This won’t work.

Nigerian Zip Codes

You should check out the Nigerian Zip code of the area you’re in; because that’s the only way you can be sure.

Below are is the list of the valid Nigerian Zip codes available;

  1. Abuja postal code – 900001
  2. Abia State postal code – 440001
  3. Adamawa State postal code – 640001
  4. Akwa-Ibom State postal code – 520001
  5. Anambra State postal code – 420001
  6. Bauchi State postal code – 740001
  7. Borno State postal code – 600001
  8. Delta State postal code – 320001
  9. Edo State postal code – 300001
  10. Enugu State postal code – 400001
  11.          Imo State postal code – 460001
  12. Jigawa State postal code – 720001
  13. Kano State postal code – 700001
  14. Kaduna State postal code – 800001
  15. Katsina State postal code – 820001
  16. Kebbi State postal code – 860001
  17. Kogi State postal code – 260001
  18. Kwara State postal code – 240001
  19. Lagos (Island) postcode – 101001
  20. Lagos State (Mainland) postal code – 100001
  21. Niger State postal code – 920001
  22. Ogun State postal code – 110001
  23. Ondo State postal code – 340001
  24. Osun State postal code – 230001
  25. Oyo State postal code – 200001
  26. Plateau State postal code – 930001
  27. Rivers State postal code – 500001
  28. Sokoto State postal code – 840001
  29. Taraba State postal code – 660001
  30. Yobe State postal code – 320001
  31. Ebonyi State postal code – 840001


Don’t be surprised, seeing that these are postal codes; I had previously stated that Nigerian Zip Codes work a bit differently, so it’s perfectly normal that we refer to them as Postal codes, in the country.

However, those codes would work for whatever you wish to use Zip codes for online.



Getting Nigerian Zip codes could be confusing at times, but it shouldn’t be; at least not anymore.

Check out the list of Nigerian Zip codes up there, and use the one which applies to your area.

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