Exchange iTunes Gift Card For Money in Nigeria Fast Way (2021)

Exchange iTunes Card For Money in Nigeria Fast Way

You’ve got iTunes Gift Card? You’d like to exchange iTunes Gift Card for money?

Well, those questions are almost rhetorical since you’d definitely want to get some cash for

your iTunes Gift Card.

Exchange iTunes Card For Money in Nigeria Fast Way

If you’ve been given more iTunes Gift Cards that you’d need, you’d definitely want to

exchange most of it for money.

Not to mention that you might even want to consider going in and taking iTunes Gift Card

Exchange as a full-on trade for yourself; in that case, it is perfectly okay (and advisable

too) to test the waters a bit by getting grips on how to Exchange iTunes Gift Card for Money.

Getting Started on how to Exchange iTunes Gift Card For Money in Nigeria Fast Way

Exchanging Gift Card for money isn’t rocket science, and you’d quickly realise that once

you carry out one or two exchange.

This in itself is good and bad news; on the one side, you easily get money without sweat,

and on the other side, you’re vulnerable to shady dealers.

But then, there’s a good solution to the vulnerability; information.

With the right information, nobody would jump you off, and you can be sure of your gains

on the iTunes Gift Card you put up for exchange.

You’ll find below some of the fundamental thing you should know before you embark on

Exchanging iTunes Gift Card for money.

The first thing you need to know of, is the website. The website determines whether you’re

in the business of exchanging iTunes Gift Card for money or not.

It’s such a big deal, given that the quality of websites that trade in iTunes varies: from the outright cheats, to the very reputable ones.

Luckily, you don’t have to search too long for a reputable iTunes Exchange Website

(because, who wants to deal with an outright cheat?)

One such website is Giftcardstrade. They’re not just into iTunes Gift Card exchange,

they’re into all kinds of Gift Card exchange.

They generally buy from individual sellers and they would pay for your gift card, regardless

of if you have a receipt for it or not (however if you have a receipt, the rate is higher), or

whatever country the gift card is coming from.

Another one is Gameflip. Similar to Giftcardstrade in terms of integrity.

They focus mre on the protection of the seller, and fast payout; so, you can be certain that you’re safe with these guys.


Whether you got a lot of Gift Cards as an actual gift, or you’ve bought them with the

intention to get them exchanged for money, there are websites I can recommend (and I’ve

recommended them above).

However, what I cannot tell you is the going rate of iTunes Gift Card exchange value. This is

something that determines how much profit you would be making after exchange, and it’s variable.

What I can recommend instead, is to find out how much individual units of iTunes Gift Card is worth in money.

This primarily means that you’d check out current exchange rates, buying rates and selling

rates in the iTunes Gift Card communities (finding those communities shouldn’t be hard,

you can see some of them here)

After all that, you can then proceed to exchange iTunes Gift Card for money.

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