Check out this new Dating Format now 2021 (Avoid Been Scammed)

Check out this new Dating Format now 2021 (Avoid Been Scammed)

Be ahead of the curve and get to know the new dating format in the first quarter of 2020.

The number of scams that are perpetrated using the dating format has been relatively high

since the last year, and nobody sees this number coming down this year,

This means you need a one-up against these fraudulent elements in order t reduce your chances of getting jumped romantically (trust me, it’s no joke)

Military Dating format

Believe it or not, the military community is rather vulnerable to online dating scams.

And this year, scammers are looking to exploit that all the more.

Not if you know, however, and here’s how the dating format works.

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First, they get a (more like Steal) military-looking picture from Facebook pages of current and retired servicemen and women (especially women)

Then, they create a spurious profile, that could be really hard not to believe, for one

reason; Military personnel are usually deployed for military activities, so if you want to

meet the person behind the profile, he pulls out the “being on deployment overseas” card.

Then they start making the requests; from small money request for candy and cigarettes,

to more money request for a sick child (who almost certainly doesn’t exist)

This dating format is kind of hard to disprove, as the scammer can pull from a wide amount

Staying in Love with Partner

of photos and other materials. But with this behaviour I have explained above, you can be

very certain that you’re dealing with a scammer.

Specialty Dating Format

There is a higher level of this thing, and you need to know ASAP. Speciality Dating is a new

and popular format right now in 2021.

These specialty sites usually wouldn’t force people to be matched, so anybody can be messaged by anyone.

Such sites include the Oil Rig dating sites and are becoming very popular to new Dating formats.

This format is a little lower with the risk, as money would have to be paid at one point in time; and that would give you the first clue, since the scammer would quickly ask for money to do small tasks.

How to be a better Boyfriend

Resisting it would be easier, as you can easily tell who’s actually a scammer and who isn’t.


We haven’t even run out the first quarter of the year, and I can tell you that there are already hot new dating format in town.

Falling for a scam is a bad thing, and the best solution (the only solution in some cases) is to know these formats before hand.

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