10 Simple Tips to Improve your Kissing skills

10 Simple Tips to Improve your Kissing skills

Learn if you are doing it the right or wrong way. A kiss is the most magical part of a relationship a bad kiss kills attraction quickly a, great kiss well you know the rest.

10 Simple Tips to Improve your Kissing skills

Everyone wants that first kiss to be magical,full of Sparks and butterflies that you can’t help but want more, you would sit quietly and smile to yourself, licking your lips, just imagining how great it was.

Whether you are a terrible kisser, good or great kisser, here are some few tips that will help you improve


1. Breath Check: Nobody wants a smelly mouth no matter how cute it looks. The moment you open your mouth and your partner gets a whiff of stench it is an immediate turn off, so always keep a fresh breath use mint always.

2. Start off Slow: where are you rushing to?you should start slow keep the mood romantic. Taking it slow and intimate helps you take note of your partners kissing style so you can keep the pace and gently pick up the pace ( if need be) you could hold your partners face slightly and caress their cheek.

10 Simple Tips to Improve your Kissing skills

Don’t kiss too hard either,it can come off as aggressive or unpleasant don’t kiss so lightly, they may not feel your kiss

3. Kiss how they Kiss: keep it in the rhythm. If your partner is better, then it is normal to incorporate them into your own style. The best way is to notice how they kiss and slowly do it in rhythm.

Pay attention to your partner so you can take note of what they like and what they don’t, listen to their breathing and the sounds they make, if they pull away or seem to get less interested odds are they don’t like what you are doing.

4. NO TEETH: That had to be written in ‘Caps’. One of the worst kissing moment is when someone comes in to kiss you and boom their teeth are in the way and it knocks against yours. Please teeth are not part of kissing. You could nibble on your partner lips, tiny and soft nibbles.

10 Simple Tips to Improve your Kissing skills

5. Pause for Air:  Breathe gently through your nose, don’t make it weird be comfortable. You could break apart for a second or 2 whisper sweet things into your partner’s ears in a sexy tone make em shiver, while allowing tension to build.


6. Tilt your Head : When inciting a kiss, do tilt your head slightly to the left or right. When you go straight, you could get a quick peck or bump heads or nose.

7. Tongue Action: When you are kissing someone deeply and tongues get involved, do not stick in your whole tongue in their mouth, just a little and be gentle.

8. Spit Swapping is Gross: personally I find them disgusting. There are kisses that are way too wet for comfort no one wants that much spit in their mouth. Try not to over drool, No, NEVER DROOL.

9. Use your Hands: While you are kissing, don’t just allow your hands sit by the

side, they could unintentionally wander to other parts of the body which is totally

normal. Play with your partners Neck, Back, Bum…… A passionate kiss involves way more than just your lips.

10. Relax: Don’t be too nervous just breathe and enjoy yourself go with the flow kiss with confidence and keep calm, don’t overthink it cause when you do, you’ll be taking yourself out of the moment. Don’t let your mind wander, just be there in the moment and enjoy.

Hope this was helpful stay tuned for more

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