How to Troubleshoot MOJEC Prepaid Meter Errors

How to Troubleshoot MOJEC Prepaid Meter Errors (2021)

The Nigerian Federal government as we all know as continued to roll out massive Free prepaid Meters across the country.

The MOJEC Prepaid meter is one of the most commonly used and managed by the Nigerian Electricity Private-Public franchise called DISCOs.

And Just like any Nigerian, after The MOJEC Micro-star 3 Phase Prepaid meter under Ikeja Electric distribution company was installed at my apartment we experienced some challenges and had to source a solution.

For customers who also might have or will still experience it, here is our guide on how to troubleshoot your MOJEC prepaid meter either under Eko Electric Distribution company or Ikeja Electric using MOJEC prepaid meter reset code.

How to Fix Mojec Prepaid Meter Showing Link Error (IKEDC)

  • The Customer Interface Unit is not having a strong communication link with your meter through the power source.
  • Weak batteries inserted into the Customer Interface Unit.
  • The Customer Interface Unit not married with the meter (Step Two above).
  • The socket the Customer Interface Unit is plugged into is not being supplied by EKEDC/IKEDC Power Supply.
  • There is no power supply indication on the meter.

In this case, the following is advised:

  • Change the batteries to new batteries. The batteries should be strong enough to power on the Customer Interface Unit.
  • Change the outlet where the Customer Interface Unit plugged.
  • Follow the steps below to marry the Customer Interface Unit with the meter.

Synchronize your Prepaid Meter Monitor Keypad with the wall by inputting these numbers:

5258 + 5th digit to 12th digit of meter number.

Input: 5258 + (0101)15007104(7) + Enter (the blue button)

i.e. (525815007104 and Press Enter) for 01011 meters.

Input: 1593570 + Meter Number + Enter (the blue button)

i.e. (159357054130175653 and Press Enter) for 541 meters.

Exclude the digits in brackets i.e. first four digits (0101) and the 13th digit (7)

The feedback response on the meter will be “Accepted”.

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NOTE: Kindly always endeavor to load the Main token first before the bonus token(CAPMI Scheme).

Secondly, Always endeavor to load tokens in order of purchase to avoid an error.

 How to Fix Reject Error showing on MOJEC Prepaid Meter Monitor

The meter tariff is different from what the meter number was programmed on. In this case, a Key Change Token is required.

The Electricity Credit Token entered into the meter is wrong.

Old Error 

A recently generated Electricity Credit Token has been loaded.

The actual Credit Token was loaded before the Bonus Token. In this case, this error will be displayed when the Bonus Token is loaded.

In this case, the following is advised:

Contact EKEDP or IKEDC Customer Care and scan a copy of the purchased Credit Token to [email protected], [email protected] with your contact details, date of purchase, and amount clearly showing or visit any Ikeja Electric Office closer to your area.

Mojec Prepaid Meter Failed

For a lot of new Users of Mojec Prepaid meter, one of the questions that have been asked by many is why is my prepaid meter showing failed. Yes, the Ikeja Electric Prepaid meter supplied by Mojec can fail for two major reasons:

1. The units on it have been exhausted and once that happens, the Power supply is cut, so you need to load new units.

2.Mojec prepaid meter can show failed even after trying to load the purchased units on the Prepaid Meter via the Mojec monitor, so the solution is to follow the steps listed above to marry the Customer Interface Unit with the meter.

Ikeja electric prepaid meter codes

For those asking about Ikeja Electric Prepaid meter codes, below are the MOJEC Prepaid Meter shortcodes:

004 – Total Import Energy

009 – Balance Credit

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040 – Credit Amount

448 – Current month active total energy

How To Check Balance on MOJEC Prepaid Meter

To check your leftover units balance on the Mojec Prepaid meter, kindly dial 009 and press the Red button, the total units in Kilowatts would be displayed.

How To Check Balance on MOJEC Prepaid Meter

How to Reset Mojec Prepaid Meter

Below are the Mojec Prepaid Meter reset code Nigeria

Step 1: Type 990 and press Enter.

Step 2: Then Type 0000 and press Enter. You will get a response – “Good”.

Step 3: Type 999 and press Enter. You will see “Reset.”

Step 4: Then remove the plug under the monitor/keypad and plug it back in.

Step 5: Try loading the token again.

Additional information for first-time prepaid meter users:

If you’re recharging your meter for the first time, after resetting your meter, you need to enter a 40-digit token (unique to your meter) split 20 – 20. After entering the 40 digits, enter the 20 digits token purchased.

If the problem persists, contact your DISCO’s customer care. It is also advised that you buy your first token directly from the office so that you let them know it’s your first recharge.

How to load token on the prepaid meter (MOJEC/CIG Meter)

For MOJEC Prepaid Meters, kindly follow the steps below:

Step 1: Ensure your UIU has been successfully paired with the meter. If this has not been done, please follow the steps below:

  • Matching / Pairing of UIU with Meter

To Match/Pair the meter, carryout the steps below,

Mojec Meter=45xxxxxxxxx

Put the meter number and enter (the meter will display successful)

How to Troubleshoot MOJEC Prepaid Meter Errors - Problems and Solution (2021)

Step 2: Confirm you have loaded your meter activation token (This is only applicable to meters that require an activation token).

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To load your Meter Activation token carryout the steps below:

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Mojec Meter=45xxxxxxxxx

  • Punch in the first 20 digits and press “enter”.
  • Meter will display success.
  • Then continue with the next 20 digits and press “enter”. The meter will display “succeed”
  • After this, you can buy energy

*** Upon confirmation of steps 1 & 2, proceed to Step 3 ***

Step 3: To Load Your Energy Token:

  • Punch in all 20 digits and press “enter”.
  • Meter will display success.

CIG Meters

Step 1: Ensure your UIU has been successfully paired with the meter. If this has not been done, please follow the steps below:

  • Matching / Pairing of UIU with Meter

To Match/Pair the meter, carry out the steps below,

Conlog Meter=04xxxxxxxxx

Put the meter number and press “enter” (the meter will display success)

Step 2: Confirm you have loaded your meter activation token (This is only applicable to meters that require activation token).

To load your Meter Activation token carryout the steps below:

Conlog Meter=04xxxxxxxxx

  • Punch in the first 20 digits and press “enter”.
  • Meter will display success.
  • Then continue with the next 20 digits and press “enter”. The meter will display “succeed”
  • After this, you can buy energy

*** Upon confirmation of steps 1 & 2, proceed to Step 3 ***

Step 3: To Load Your Energy Token:

  • Punch in all 20 digits and press “enter”.
  • Meter will display success.

NB: Please for those who have been using the prepaid meter for a while or new user’s make sure you load new units once the current units drop below 30 units, its saves a lot of stress created when the units run out.


If you still have any questions that need an answer regarding issues or problems encountered while using your MOJEC Prepaid Meter,  kindly leave add them in the comment section below this post.

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  1. I followed the above procedure to reset it but still not responding, keep on displaying 0.00.
    Even if I dial 009, it gives me 0.00

  2. My Meter was pared before the credit that came with it got exhausted. Now I purchased a token online, the UIU is showing failed still after I followed the above steps.
    I was told that it need to be activated from the phcn office, however a representative came to collect the meter details for the said reactivation. Out of electricity over 2. Weeks battling this.

    • Hello, if you meter has not be fully configured at PHCN office before the 200 units on it got exhausted, you have to visit the nearest PHCH office to log a complain so they can fix it and please if you are going there go very early like 7am, go with the Prepaid Meter Card and monitor if possible.

  3. We have been using the meter for a year now ..but all of sudden it started displaying failed…we ain’t able to recharge the token tmwe bought …although we exhausted our unit ..what can we do?

    • kindly do a reset, the steps to reset the prepaid meter are covered on this content, if you still encounter such issues, kindly reach out to your marketer of visit the office of Disco nearest to you to complain at the customer care.

  4. From the first day our meter was installed, it keep on giving us FAILED response whenever we tried to input the meter to the monitor, what can be done

  5. my meter is showing green red and yellow and i have over 40 unit on it, no supply to my apartment , in reported this to Ikeja Electric since a week ago, no any action since then please what can i do. share your email address with me sothat i can share the information

  6. Mr olumide, please I have the same issue as Wale in EKEDC since 2weeks ago. And nothing has been done. Can you please help. My meter is blinking red and yellow light but the green is on too

    • please kindly send us an email, and we try to assist you the best we can, please note we are not IKEJA electric staff, we only make recommendations based on our own personal experiences and the steps we took to resolve it, and of cause, everyone experiences different drama with MOJEC Prepaid Meter.

  7. A prepaid meter was installed by one of moject agents and right from the day of installation there was already problem, the wire transmitting power into our compound fell off the prepaid meter after Mojec agent left, we called him and he said we should call an electrician to help him screw it tight, when we encountered similar issues again, the electrician wanted to screw it tight again and he realized that the prepaid meter wasn’t tightened to the wall at all and will fall off if left there he couldn’t break the seal to tightened properly, so the electrician kept it on our uncompleted decking , later a IKEDC official was assigned to us, we waited hopelessly for the IKEDC official assigned to us by the IKEDC customer service who kept postponing his appointment to come & fix the meter properly. On Monday 10th July, 2021 evening when the power was restored we didn’t have light and we felt it was the issues of the wire falling off until we realized that it was actually the prepaid meter being completely faulty. Eventually, the IKEDC official showed up and still haven’t found a permanent solution to any of our problem; he sent us a code to input into the meter box and after few days the power went off again. we have been in complete darkness while others have power supply.

  8. What could be the possible solution for my prepaid meter, The light is showing on it,but not giving out in the house. Pls help

  9. Please the meter in my house is showing light but not delivering power to the house, what’s the problem and necessary steps to take. Even checking my balance credit is not working. The meter is produced by MOJEC international Limited

    • first, you need to confirm if you have exhausted the units on the meter, once the units are empty or used up, the power supply is cut off automatically.

      Also in most cases, once the units are empty, you might likely not be able to check your balance until you input a new set of purchases tokens.

  10. Please,I’ve been trying to recharge my prepaid meter,it keeps showing reject after I I imputed my token. Please help out,what can I do about this please.

    • so sorry about that, is it your first time of recharge or you have been able to recharge before now and if you have, then try changing the battery to a new one then plug the monitor into a socket in your apartment, make sure there is power supply in your vicinity and try input the codes again.

  11. Good evening sir/ma’am

    Having been trying to load purchased token on my single face meter since Saturday but have being showing Reject.

    What can I do to resolve this pls.

  12. Good day mrJohnson, please assist me with Mojec prepaid Meter RESET token all the steps listed above none is working out here and I didn’t even remember they have implemented another tariff, I will appreciate if my request could be consider.


  13. Good afternoon sir.
    I wanted to load my prepaid meter, I got the token from first bank but only 20 digits was sent to me and I learnt I will need 40digits token
    Kindly assist.

  14. Good morning Mr. Johnson,

    I have been having difficulty in recharging my mojec prepaid meter.

    Upon inputting the purchased recharge token, it displays failed. I have tried several times since yesterday and my units on the meter is already very low.

    Kindly assist me please.

    Thanks in anticipation of your prompt response.

    • You have to go back to where you bought and hopefully, they can trace it in their records, and reprint it for you, else you might have to buy another one, and would also like to recommend that, once you buy a new token, snap it on your phone immediately as backup

  15. Good afternoon, my meter is showing relay disconnected sign. I have imputed the code sent by IE yet power is not restored to my apartment. What can be the issue ad solution. Thank you

  16. Good day sir/ma.
    The CIU box I have with me was activated with a wrong card number meant for another prepaid meter and it displayed success. The rightful owner of the card number used the same card number on her CIU box and it displayed Success too. I have been attempting to use my own card number but it is displaying “failed” for the past 3 weeks. How do I get to use my card number to activate my prepaid meter. Although, my prepaid Meter is not displaying any light and there is power supply in my apartment. Could this be the issue?
    I have called a mojec agent who installed, mojec customer care and reported to PHCN but none is coming forth to the rescue.

  17. My first time using prepaid when I load the token it showed success and it was showing the green light then the follow morning it started showing red then I check the balance it was 29.23 I don’t know if is low

    • if this is your first recharge, you would need to take it to Disco office/Ikeja Electric or EKO Electric Customer Care Service at thier office to configure your first recharge.

  18. Good Day Mr. Johnson,

    I have two issues i will like you to attend to.

    Firstly, my prepaid meter at work was at 2units as at Friday expecting it to finish so i load on Monday, i noticed it didn’t finished early on that day till the close of day, on getting to work i checked it read about 12units, at as the last time i checked before the close of work it increased to 18unit, it was the next day i realised that there is a negative sign on it. i will like to know why is it reading negative and still discharging light when i didnt opt in to borrow units. Also why is it reading so fast within the space of 2days, its reading 24units and the last one i use which was 38units for 10days

    Secondly, i bought unit and try loading it and it kept reading E -1 and this was actually the problem i faced when loading at the first time of which it was rectify by the Officials and i was told i wont encounter such when loading the second time. how should i go about this.

    Kindly assist, I await your prompt feedback. Thanks

  19. I really appreciate the reset procedures really helped me when my credit got exhausted and tried many ways of recharging. Pls note that as you insert functioning battery into your UIU, you must as well plug it to power source following all the procedures highlighted and continue the process, either show good/success. It will work. My meter is a Momas meter under IBEDC.

    Thank you very much

  20. My mojec prepaid box keeps showing failed since it ran out of unit yesterday. I can’t recharge nor check balance. I can’t do anything

    I even went as far as getting a new duracell battery to plug it directly into the wall socket, but it’s still showing failed. Way out please as I’m currently on black out

    • Kindly visit the nearest Disco office close to your area to make an official complaint, if all the steps in this article didn’t work out, then it might be a technical problem and would also advise not to wait for your units to finish before recharging, as it gets tricky most times when trying to recharge after the units has been exhausted


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