The Complete and Only Shoe Lacing Guide You’ll Ever Need

The Complete and Only Shoe Lacing Guide You’ll Ever Need

There’s nothing quite like pulling a fresh pair of shoes out of the box. The only thing better than slipping them on for the first time is lacing them.

Shoe lacing can be as straightforward or complex as you want it to be. It gives you the chance to really flex your creative muscles and show off your personality.

There are about a million different styles that you can choose from. You can go with the classic criss-cross method or choose something more daring like the lattice.

Not sure where to begin with your laces? We can help you out. Check out this guide to learn how to make your shoes your very own.

Straight Lace

First up on the list is the straight lace. It’s good if your shoes have an equal number of holes since the laces have to travel through them an even number of times.

Grab your laces and insert one end through the bottom left hole and the other through the top right. With your hand still on the right lace, pull it through the left hole on the opposite side. It should create a straight line.

Bring the right lace out through the bottom and insert it into the second hole on the right side. Keep moving your way down horizontally until you reach the final hole on the bottom. Tie your laces in a neat little bow, and you’re all done!


The criss-cross is a classic method for lacing shoes. Not only is this option fun and creative, but it’s not too hard to pull off either. Put your shoe down in front of you with the heel facing toward you.

Run the laces through the top two holes in a straight line. Make sure when you do this that you keep the laces even. Take the right lace and insert it through the second hole on the left.

Do the same thing on the left side. Pull the lace through the second hole on the right. Keep going down until you reach the last two holes. Tie the laces in a neat bow, and your KicksCrew shoes are crisscrossed.

Ladder Lacing 

This is one of the more complicated options when it comes to lacing sneakers, but it does create a pretty unique look. It works great if you have a pair of shoes with many holes to work with. For example, if you have a tall pair of boots, this method should become your tried and true.

Run your laces through the first two holes at the bottom. Like with the criss-cross option that we talked about above, you want to make sure that the laces are even before you continue onward.

You’re going to run both ends up the sides and through the two holes on the next line. Keep making your way up the shoe until you reach the last set of holes. The entire thing should resemble a ladder when you’re done.


Do you have a problem with your heel raising as you go about your day? If left unchecked, it can create a nasty blister on the back of your foot. The best way to fix this problem is with the heel-locking lacing method.

Begin as if you’re tying your shoes using the criss-cross method. Keep going with that until you get to the last two holes.

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Grab the lace on the right side and put it through the bottom hole on the same side. Do the same thing with the left. This created two loops.

Grab your left lace and insert it through the loop that you made on the right side, and grab the right lace and put it through the loop that you made on the left. Tie your shoes, and you should be good to go without the heel slipping.


The lattice style is pretty popular because of how unique it is, but it can be complicated. It’s really easy to mess up as you go along. Run your laces through the holes that are closest to the toe of the shoe.

Grab the right lace and pull it through the third highest set of holes (you’re essentially skipping over two holes). Do the same thing on the other side.

Insert both laces through the bottom hole that’s located on the same side. Run them up through the bottom and insert them through the two holes that you haven’t done anything with yet.

Run both laces diagonally over the top of the shoe and send them through the bottom holes once more. Finish things off with a neat little bow.

Alternative Straight-Laced

If your shoes have 5 sets of holes instead of an even amount, it will be hard for you to get the traditional straight-laced look. That is unless you try this method instead.

Run one side of the laces through one of the bottom holes on the shoe. Pass the lace up and under so it’s going through the second hole on the opposite side.

Bring the lace straight across and pull it through the other side. Run the lace through the fifth hole at the top. Bring it up and over straight through the fifth hole on the opposite side.

Pass it diagonally through the fourth hole, and then pass it straight across to the fourth hole on the other side. Keep this pattern up all the way to the bottom hole.

Get Creative With These Shoe Lacing Tips 

When it comes to shoe lacing, you don’t have to go the traditional route. Mix things up and show off your unique personality by tying your laces into a neat lattice pattern.

If that’s a little too complex for you, try out one of the simpler options on this list. There are all kinds of cool tricks that you can try!

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